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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


12. Everythings going perfect.


I thought that chat with Mike and Luke was a bit awkward...But I got a lot off my chest and we sorted it all out! ''Shall we go baby?'' Mike says. ''Yeah'' I smile at him and grab my purse. Off to the doctors again...I think I'll just spend my days off school at the freaking doctors for gods sake:/


''Hmm...'' The doctors scaring me, He isn't telling me what he can fucking see!! ''So Doctor, Am I pregnant?'' ''Hmmm'' He does it again. After a long (long...long...) pause he finally speaks up. ''I think so honey'' ''What?'' Mike raises his voice but quickly recovers. ''Baby'' He strokes my arm lightly. ''I'm joking'' The doctor says. ''What?'' ''Sorry to scare you like that'' He smiles at Mike. ''I guess doctors can be fun...''  Mike remarks. ''And what do you mean by that?'' ''I mean...I thought most doctors were just boring, serious, smart people'' ''Mike that's rude'' I whisper to him. ''No its not, most of them actually are! I'm just better than the rest'' The doctor obviously heard me. ''Don't be vain mate'' I'm not sure if Michael's playing or not...haha. ''Be careful mate, You have a very beautiful girlfriend and you don't want to loose her. What I mean by that is that you shouldn't pull your dick hard when you're having sex and get her pregnant. Once she's pregnant and its your fault don't freak out on her and leave...At the end of the day it was your fault! you got her pregnant in the first place'' The doctor obviously remembers us from last time:/ ''Why are you telling me this? I don't need a fatherly lecture'' Me and Mike are too young anyway. ''Cause son'' He smiles at the word 'son' because Mike said a 'Fatherly' lecture. ''If she were pregnant, Would you of left?'' ''Dad, that's a hard question'' ''Ok that's creepy now. don't call him dad and please, don't call him son!'' I butt in their playful conversation that's creeping me out. They both laugh. ''No Doctor, I don't think I would. I'd miss her too much if I did'' He smiles at me. ''That's cute now back to the serious stuff. You're not pregnant. You, (He points to Michael) Don't get her pregnant. And both of you be safe in terms of that. Now Jaylyn you were on birth control weren't you?'' ''Yes I was. But how come I cant go back on?'' ''You can. Last week we weren't completely sure if you were pregnant. But now we know you aren't you can go back on! Do you want to make an appointment? If not we can do it straight away!'' ''Its that easy?'' I ask. ''You know how it works and what to do don't you?'' ''Yes'' ''Then yes, its that easy!'' ''Alright...'' I look at Michael, He smiles and nods yes. ''Whatever'' I smile.


''Luke!'' I call in the speaker. ''Hey. You alright?'' ''Yeah. I'm back on birth control!'' ''So you're not pregnant?!'' I can see the smile on his face on the other side of the line. ''Nope'' I smile. ''That's so good! How's you and mike?'' ''Yeah...We're good. How are you?'' ''Good I guess'' ''You guess?'' ''As long as you're happy'' ''I am and so should you'' ''I know. I'll be fine don't worry'' ''Ok'' ''I just wanted to tell you I'm not pregnant haha'' I laugh. Mike's trying not to laugh at me. 'What!? There's nothing to say!' I mouth to him. ''Pfttt'' Michael giggles. ''Anyway I have to go, speak later?'' Luke says. ''Sure, Bye'' ''Bye'' I put the phone down. ''Why were you laughing?!'' ''Its just that it got really awkward and you're facial expressions and stuff'' ''Shut up'' I playfully smack his arm and jump onto the bed to join Michael. ''I hate you'' I smile shyly and nuzzle my head into his chest. ''Love you too'' He holds me in his arms tightly and safe. ''Wanna watch a movie?'' Michael asks. ''Ok. I'm hungry though'' ''Shall we order pizza?'' ''Ok, I'll pick a movie whilst you order the pizza'' He says. ''Ok'' I grab my phone and walk out of the room. I bet Michael wanted to choose the film because he doesn't want to watch another romantic but I don't want to watch some kind of rubbish action film. It's all so obvious what's going to happen and the explosions and fire are just so fake. I mean, obviously its fake but they can at least make It look a bit more realistic! I order the Pizza join Michael back on the bed. ''Is this film alright?'' I'm surprised that its not an action film but its a horror and I don't really like those kind of films. ''I don't like those kind of films'' ''You can cuddle me and hide your face behind the pizza box'' He jokes and smiles (cutely) ''Ok whatever'' ''Yesss!'' He smiles. I love him.


It's Halfway through the film and I'm hugging Michaels muscular arm really tightly. I don't really want to watch a crazy woman covered in blood murder an innocent child but I guess Michael does. ''Mike?'' I ask quietly. ''Yes baby'' His eyes are glued to the TV Screen. ''How do you like these movies? They're horrible!'' ''I don't know. They're ok''  ''Don't watch this bit'' He warns me. ''Don't worry I haven't been watching any of it. but sadly I can hear the terrifying screams and haunting music..'' ''Awh baby'' He grabs a slice of Pizza. I've nearly eaten all of it. ''I'm going to grab some popcorn. Want some?'' I ask. I don't want to be in there really. ''Yeah ok'' ''I'll just bring up a large bowl'' ''K'' His eyes are still glued to the TV and I don't know how he can watch it without being scared or grossed out. I return at the wrong time when the most scariest face pops up on the screen. ''Holy fuck!'' I scream. Luckily I put the popcorn down before otherwise it would be everywhere as I just jumped out of my skin! ''Don't worry baby its not real!'' ''Its still scary!'' I grab a blanket and wrap it around me and lie down on the bed again. ''Come here'' Michael opens his arms out for me and I wiggle into his arms. ''You ok?'' He asks. ''yeah'' ''Good. I think its nearly finished now'' ''Good hehe'' ''Awh baby'' ... Another half hour goes by and the film is finally finished! ''Did you enjoy that?'' I ask him. ''Yeah it was good!'' ''I don't know how you can watch those kind of movies. they're actually horrible!'' ''Like this popcorn'' Michael remarks and I throw a few pieces of popcorn at him playfully. ''Hey'' He pouts. ''Baby'' I smile and roll on top of him and brush his hair out the way gently. ''I love you'' I give him a kiss. ''No I love you more'' He smiles and kisses me harder. ''I don't think that's possible'' I break my tounge through and search for his. I can feel his mouth turn into a smile when I find his tounge and start to dance with it. ''It is'' He rocks his hips. ''Lets just agree to disagree'' I thrust into him and take his shirt off.



''Baby'' Michael wakes me up. ''What time is it?'' I mumble. ''Nearly eleven. I couldn't get back to sleep'' ''What time did you wake up?'' ''Quarter to Ten'' ''Oh baby'' I roll closer to him and cuddle his warm, bare chest. He kisses the top of my head lightly and we walk downstairs to grab some coffee. ''Morning Mom'' I smile. ''Morning Darling, Morning Michael!'' I bet she's confused. One day its Luke the other day its Michael. I feel like a slut but its not actually like that and that's all ended. Michael makes me and him coffee and we go sit on the sofa. ''What was up with you and Anna?'' ''Ashley'' He corrects me. ''Whatever'' ''And You were telling me how much you hated her and when I seen her she looked like a right slut so I started talking to her to see If she was really what you said she was like. Then I saw You and Luke. And I know we broke up but you moved on straight away and the worst thing was that it was with my best friend. I broke the fight between Him and Dan and you only cared about Luke. You didn't even bother saying thank you so I thought you didn't want to talk to me'' ''I'm sorry baby. That's all done and gone now. We should forget about it'' ''Ok babe'' We go upstairs and get dressed.


I had a nice day with Michael today actually. We went to a park and fed some ducks at a pond. We went to the Mall and did a little bit of shopping, We went out for Lunch in a nice little Café and we snuggled up in his bed. I'm so tired now so I'm just going to fall asleep in his arms....

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