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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


7. Emotions

...I was so tired and I drifted off to sleep...


I was woken up by my textone, It was from Michael ''Hey Babe, You ok:*'' I text back ''Not really'' ''Why?'' ''Parents arguing, Come over?'' ''Be there in ten xxx'' I just want to see his face and cuddle in his warm, safe arms. Ten Minutes later the door rings and I'm basically running down the stairs.


''Hey baby'' he smiles, hugging me straight away. I break the hug and kiss him instead. I hear someone cough behind me, I turn around to see my father. ''You sober now? Or shall I give you another 2 years!?'' I sarcastically remark. ''Who's birthday was it?'' That burns my heart so much. ''Mine, Dad MINE! Your daughter remember?'' He stands there in silence and if he's still drunk god knows what he could do, without thinking I grab hold of Michael's arm and he gives me a look as if to say 'don't worry you're safe with me' ''Oh Uh Happy Birthday'' ''Like you mean it'' ''Oh Dad how old am I now?'' ''18?'' I want to slap him. Or slap myself I don't know which one. I want a nice, normal Dad who comes home from work everyday happy and loves his family, but no I have a Dad who comes home from the pub at midnight every night drunk and dizzy and doesn't give a crap about his family and forgets his daughters birthday and doesn't know how old she is! ''You gotta be kidding right?'' ''Huh?'' ''Dad I'm 16!'' ''Oh'' ''Just leave dad, Leave and then we'll see how you turn out! You don't care about your daughter or your wife and you're only living here for food and shelter, so if we kick  you out where will you end up? On the streets and who's fault would that be? Yours. So think about it Dad, You can either be a drunk homeless guy or a happy guy who loves his family!'' ''Babe, Lets just go upstairs'' Michael says calmly. He leads me upstairs.


He lies down on my bed and taps his lap, telling me to get on top of him, I do as I'm told My face inches from his. ''Babe what's up?'' His voice is smooth and quiet. I just lay my head on his chest and let out my tears, He supports me and hugs me tight, safely. ''I want a normal Father, Normal Parents, Normal life'' ''Life?'' ''Before you Came, I got bullied, But they obviously forgot during summer break and for the moment, the bullies have left me alone, probably cause they've seen me with you'' He stayed silent, just listening to my stories. ''I feel safe with you, like you can protect me and help me'' I lifted my head and looked into his warm eyes. He kisses me, softly grinding his hips into mine, I followed his movements...Again. ''Michael'' ''Uh huh'' ''I love you'' He stops his movements. ''You do?'' He questions. ''Why wouldn't I? You keep me safe and you protect me and you make me feel loved for once'' ''Babe, Is there anything you want to tell me? about your past? the guys you've dated, your family history, anything? I'll always be here to help and listen to you'' ''My ex, He abused me'' I lifted my arm and showed him the scars on my wrist. ''Got his friends to bully me, Got made fun of a lot for not talking that much, My parents were always arguing'' He cut me off. ''Abused you how?'' ''He used to smack me, punch me, He--'' ''He...?'' I broke down into tears. ''Baby'' Michael comforted me. ''He--'' ''Shh its ok, breathe'' He cradled me in his arms. ''Sexually abused me'' He let go ''What?'' I was shaking, getting lost in the nightmare I once lived. ''He said he would take me on a date, but he was driving for ages so I asked him where he was taking me and he stopped the car, grabbed me, threatened to kill me if I said anything to anyone, and got me in the back seat and basically raped me. It hurt, a lot, he was going too fast and hard and he made me bleed it was so hard.'' A tear rushed down his cheek, I wiped it away. ''Baby'' ''No'' I was crying so much. ''Michael please just--'' ''WHO IS HE?!'' He shouted. I jerked away, climbed off him and shook my head crying my eyes out. What am I suppost to do?! Without thinking I rang Luke, but he didn't pick up, I tried again but still no answer. I tried Sophie and Taylor, both not answering. ''Who are you trying to call?'' Michael asked. ''I thought you would keep me safe and listen'' I told him. ''I cant handle this Jaylyn'' He shook his head. ''Of course you can, I did'' ''What happened? how long ago was this?!'' About a year ago. ''Did you fall pregnant?'' ''Yes but I went to the doctors straight away and they gave me pills.'' ''Pills?'' ''I'm on birth control'' ''So you cant get pregnant?'' ''Unless I go on different pills, no I cant get pregnant'' He was thinking. ''Stop thinking about it'' I said trying to calm Michael down. My parents are too busy arguing themselves to hear Me and Mike. ''He got you pregnant that's what I'm thinking about'' ''Its over now its the past!!'' ''I gotta go'' Without another word, Michael walked out the house.


I tried calling Luke again, After the 4th go he answered. ''What do you want Jaylyn!?'' ''Luke please I'm so sorry just come over'' I Was crying into the phone. ''Are you crying?'' I just kept crying. ''Be there in 5 minutes'' he sighed. *5 Minutes Later* ''Hey'' I opened the door to Luke and he hugged me. ''Come upstairs'' After I told him everything I told Michael and told him that my father didn't remember my birthday He was hugging me like Michael was before he freaked out. ''Yesterday why did you kiss me?'' Luke asked. I was hoping he wouldn't bring that up. ''I--I actually don't know'' I sighed, leaning my head on Luke's chest. ''Its Ok but I'm just confused'' ''So am I'' ''I can guess that Jay'' I looked up, our lips nearly touching but none of us cared. ''You look broken'' He said. ''I am broken'' ''I understand, why did Michael freak out on you?'' ''I don't know and I thought he would understand, he did at first until I told him about getting practically raped'' ''Maybe because his ex got raped by his friends'' Luke reminded me. I lost my breath. ''oh I forgot about that'' My blood went cold. We looked into each others eyes, ''Kiss me'' Luke demanded. I kissed him, hard and passionately. This time it was Luke grinding his hips. This is so wrong but so right at the same time, I want to let go but I don't, I listen to the second bit and keep his kiss. ''Jay I want you'' He says into my mouth. I don't know what to say so I just keep kissing, this feels so good. ''Luke'' I find myself following his movements. ''I want you too''


10 Minutes later we both find ourselves naked and on each other. ''Birth control right?'' Luke checks. ''Yep'' ''Good cause I don't have a condom'' ''You don't need one'' ''Jay you sure?'' ''Yes! I'm on birth control!'' ''No not that!'' ''What?'' ''You feeling me...'' ''What do you mean?'' ''You're gunna feel every bit of me you know that yeah?'' ''Luke'' ''We can always go buy some condoms'' Luke's nervous. ''Why are you not sure with me feeling you?'' This sounds so bad. ''It will hurt and what if it goes wrong?'' ''Hurt? Nothing will hurt as bad as Dan'' He looked into my eyes. ''Fuck it'' He groaned and kissed me hard. ''You ready?'' He asked. ''Mmmm'' I moaned in his (not Michael's but Luke's) mouth. I can feel the tip then slowly he pushes in. ''Uhhhhh'' We both scream. Both of us panting, we cant stop, this feels so damn good and I can feel everything, every detail and I haven't felt anything like it before, I actually enjoy this. I didn't enjoy Dan, Especially cause it hurt so bad and I couldn't feel anything he was going so hard. ''Jay'' He repeats. ''Uhhh'' Those noises are killing me. I move my hips making Luke go faster. ''Omg Jay you're so good'' He kisses me passionately, massaging my boobs. He lets go of my lips and moves his mouth down to my nipples, sucking them gently, biting down on them softly. ''Luke stop torturing me'' He sucks harder. ''Better'' He's still continuing his movements of his hips and damn this is good. We've been doing this for half an hour already and it doesn't even hurt yet and I haven't got enough of Luke. ''I want to suck you'' ''Yeah?'' He smiles. ''Uh huh'' I nod. He gently pulls out of me. ''Fuck'' I got a sharp pain down there but it quickly went away. He shifts his body Positioning himself for me, I reach down and grap his dick, I start slow and gentle then suck harder and harder. He groans. I have to remind myself this is Luke's dick, not Michael's but it doesn't seem to bother me. I spin my tounge round and round the tip of his dick and he arches his back, lifting the bottom part of his body off the bed and closer to my mouth. ''You're so good'' He moans.

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