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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


13. Day with Soph


''Alright Jay?'' Sophie says through the phone. ''Hey Soph'' ''You doing anything today?'' ''No...'' ''Wanna go to the mall?'' ''Sure, Come to mine in 15 minutes?'' I ask. ''Kk I'll be there'' That's my Plans for the day then. I jump in the shower. --- ''Hey mom I'm going to the Mall with Sophie in a minute'' I walk over to my Mom and hug her. ''Ok. You look nice today honey!'' She compliments me. (I'm wearing a floral Dress with a Denim Jacket and Brown boots. My Hairs down and wavy and I have a flower crown on. My makeups simple; Light pink eye shadow, thick black eyeliner (but not too thick) and red lipstick....) ''Thanks Mom!'' I smile and make myself a coffee. 5 Minuites Later Sophie's at the door. ''I'm going now bye mom!'' I call and leave the house.


''You look nice'' Sophie smiles at me. ''Thanks you do too'' I smile back. ''So the Mall yeah?'' ''Yep if that's where you want to go'' ''Yep! Lets go!'' Sophie's blasting Music in her Car and its so funny but embarrassing. I'm relived when we arrive at the Mall.


''Jaylyn?!'' I hear a female voice call behind me. ''Katelyn?! Omg Kate! Hey!!'' I hug her tight. ''I haven't seen you in ages!'' I add. ''A year! But it seems like forever! How's it going?'' ''Good I guess! Got myself a man ahaha'' We share a few giggles and laughs. I miss her. ''I've really missed you!'' She pouts. ''Same with you'' I hug her again. ''Anyway it was so nice bumping into you! Text me! You have my number don't you?'' She asks. ''Yeah! I'll text you'' I smile and we say our goodbyes. ''Was that Katelyn from our school who left?'' Sophie asks. ''Yeah'' ''Oh I didn't recognise her! I feel rude for not talking now! Oops'' ''Haha Don't worry she probably didn't recognise you either haha'' ''So, where do you wanna go first?'' ''I'm quite hungry actually'' ''Shall we go to McDonalds then?'' ''Ok'' I order my burger and fries and Soph does the same. We find a table and we sit down. ''Wow hey ladys'' Some douche bags sit next to us. ''Uhh Hi?'' I say. ''My names Jack, He's Tom'' One of them points to the other then winks at me. ''Ok'' ''Any of you single?'' Tom asks. ''I am'' Sophie Smiles. ''Great, wanna come over later? I'll give you my number?'' Tom asks and winks at Sophie weirdly. ''Uhh'' She looks at me and I widen my eyes at her. ''Sure'' She smiles and grabs her phone. What the hell is she doing?! ''What about you sugar tits?'' Jack asks. ''One: Don't call me that and Two: No, I have a boyfriend now fuck off'' I Snap. ''Feisty, I like it'' He smiles. ''Shut up'' I snap again and He changes his facial expressions. ''Sorry'' He coughs nervously. Serves you right idiot. ''Great thanks'' Tom smiles at Sophie and she returns it. ''What the hell do you think you're doing Soph?!'' ''What? He's cute!'' ''Ew no he isn't. And you don't even know him!'' ''Well I know his name'' ''AND?! Omg Soph You're an idiot'' ''Hey! Just cause you're jealous'' She smiles. ''Why would I be jealous? Michael's my boyfriend and he's literally the hottest guy in the school'' ''Whatever'' She sighs and we eat our food.


''I really need to find a dress for this party'' Sophie says. ''What party?'' ''Oh just this guys'' ''What guy?'' ''He's 19, He's friends with my brother'' ''Oh right'' ''Do you wanna come? More people the better!'' She asks. ''Sure! I'll need to find something too'' ''Yay!'' She squeals and we walk into a shop. ''Do you like this?'' She holds up a straight purple dress which has blue flowers at the top. ''Sophie, That's disgusting! It will make you look like a plum!'' ''Haha!!'' She laughs and puts the hideous dress back on the hanger. ''This one?'' She asks. Its a Pink dress with a gold belt. ''Nahh'' ''This is nice!'' She holds up a straight turquoise dress with sleeves that come down to your elbow and it has a lush gold pattern on it. It looks quite short but Sophie could definitely get away with it! ''That looks perfect! Try it on?'' I say. ''Kk'' She smiles and we walk in the fitting rooms. ''This look ok?'' She opens the curtain to show me. She looks stunning in it. ''Omg you look gorgeous! And it makes you look so slim!'' ''Do my legs look fat?'' She asks. ''No way! You have the perfect body!'' ''Ok!'' She smiles and looks at herself in the mirror. ''How much is it?'' I ask. ''Only $25'' ''That's cheap! Get it!'' ''I am!'' She closes the curtain. ------ We've walked round a few shops but I haven't had any luck. ''I wont find anything'' I sigh. ''You will! Lets go here'' Sophie walks into a nice looking shop. ''This?'' She holds up a green dress. ''Ew'' She puts it back. ''This?'' A silver and black dress. ''Too long'' She holds up a red one next. ''Nope'' ''This?!'' I hold up a dark blue dress covered in sequins with a silver pattern starting from the left bottom corner and coming up to the waist. It has a low cut down the back and the sleeves are like Sophie's dress. ''Try it on!'' She says. I open the curtain and twirl around. ''Perfect! Omg You look stunning and You're so slim omg I want your body!'' She over-exaggerates. ''Phaha! Ok. Its $26.99'' ''Buy it!'' ''I will haha'' I take it off and go to the counter to pay. ''I'm so glad I finally found a dress haha!'' I say as we walk out of the shop. ''Yeah!'' ''I Need shoes too'' ''I say'' ''Lets go in here'' we walk into a fancy shoe shop. ''All the shoes here are lush!'' Sophie says. ''Ikr!'' ''These are to die for!'' I hold up a gold pair. ''Yes omg but they don't go with your dress'' Sophie says. ''I know'' I put them back. ''These are nice for you'' I hold up a turquoise pair. ''I want either a black or a gold pair. But the gold ones you just picked up are way too expensive!!'' ''Yeah ok'' ''These are nice'' I show her a simple black pair with a leopard patterned heel. ''Not the leopard print'' ''I'm so getting these!!'' I say and grab a dark blue pair with a silver heel. They match my dress perfectly! ''They're literally the exact same as your dress!'' Sophie says. ''Exactly!'' I smile and grab my purse. They're $33 but I can afford it. They're not that expensive I guess...I pay and join Sophie again. ''Lets go to that new place on the next floor'' I say. ''Alright'' We walk out the shop and up the escalators. ''This shop looks so nice'' I say as we walk in. ''Yeah'' We look at a few pairs until we spot the perfect ones for Sophie. A black lacey pair with a gold heel. ''I like the pattern on it and like yours, they match my dress'' She says. ''They're $36 have you got the money?'' I ask. ''Yeah don't worry'' she smiles and pays for them. ''Shall we go?'' I ask. ''Yeah, wanna come back to mine?'' Sophie asks. ''Sure'' 


''Has that Tom guy text you?'' I ask. ''No'' ''Why don't you text him?'' ''I will'' She smiles and picks up her phone. ''He asked if I wanted to come over to his. He gave me his address too'' She says. ''Do you want to? I think Michael said he has the house to himself tonight'' I say. ''Ok!'' Sophie says. She drops me off at Michael's and she drives to Toms.


                                                       **Sophie's POV**

I walk up the steps of the address Tom gave me and knock on the door. ''Hello?''  An unfamiliar shirtless guy says. ''Umm hi is Tom there?'' I ask nervously. ''Yeah I'll just get him come in'' I step into the house and The guy closes the door. ''Hey'' Tom walks in and smiles at me. ''That's just my mate Dom'' He says. ''Oh ok'' I say. ''Wanna go upstairs?'' He smiles at me. ''Sure'' We walk upstairs into his bedroom and he closes the door behind him. I'm quite nervous actually. Maybe Jaylyn was right, I don't know him and he could do anything. ''You're actually really hot Sophie'' He smiles at me. ''Thanks'' ''Sit down''' He points to his bed. ''You drink?'' He asks. ''Sometimes yeah'' ''You want one now?'' He asks me whilst grabbing himself a beer out of his mini fridge. ''Sure'' He chucks me a can and sits down next to me. We talk for a while and I finish my drink. ''Do you want another?'' He asks. ''Ok'' ''So you don't have a girlfriend then?'' I ask. ''No We broke up about 3 months ago now. I'm ready to move on'' He winks and finishes his second beer. ''I have vodka if you like that?'' ''Yeah'' I say and he runs downstairs to get 2 glasses. The fact that he has a fridge full of alcohol and a sink in his room is awesome. He comes back up and pours my drink. ''Here'' He hands it to me. ''Thanks'' I take a sip of my drink. I strangely like the burn in my throat and take any swig. ''Easy tiger'' He smiles and I look at my half empty pint already. ''Haha'' He takes off his shirt and I gulp. ''Sorry, Its hot in here'' I just smile at him. He has big abs and his muscles are massive. ''What?'' He asks and I shake my head and look into his eyes. ''You have beautiful eyes'' He tells me. ''So do you'' We smile at each other. I cough awkwardly and grab my drink.


He gives me about 3 more glasses of Vodka and I'm sweating. ''You hot?'' He asks. I'm really dizzy. ''Yeah'' I feel him touching me and then I realise he's just took my top off. I'm now in my bra. I lay back on his bed and close my eyes. I can just about think. ''I think you drunk'' I hear him say. ''Mmmm'' I groan. He lies down next to me and does something with his trousers. ''Virgin?'' I all I hear. ''What?'' I ask. ''Are you a virgin?'' He asks. ''No'' ''Good''  ''Huh?'' ''Let me fuck you'' I open my eyes and see a little clearer, He's fully naked. ''Hehehe k'' I giggle. ''Yeah you're drunk'' He whispers and giggles with me. ''Oh well'' I try and take my jeans off but I fail and he helps me. ''Have some water first'' He walks to the sink and rinses my glass and fills it up with water. ''Thanks'' He holds the glass up to my mouth for me to drink. 10 minutes later and I can see properly. ''Holy Fuck'' I mutter under my breath. ''Ready?''' He asks. ''Ummm'' But its too late, He's already rolling on the condom...





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