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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


10. confusions


                                                              **LUKES POV**

I cant stop thinking about her. Jay told me she might be pregnant and that's so crazy. I know she said it was with Michael but I have a feeling it could be me, I know she was on the pills at the time but you never know. Calum is the best with this kind of stuff, and great with advice. ''Hey mate, mind if I come over?'' I ask Calum over the phone. ''Yeah dude, come round now'' I walk to my car and drive to Cal's place.


''Hello Luke!'' Calum's annoying mom answers the door. ''Hello Mrs.Hood'' I force a smile. Finally Calum come's down the stairs. ''Alright mate'' he smiles. We play video games for a while before I tell him what's on my mind. ''Right, So Jay might be pregnant'' I confess. ''What? You gotta be kidding right?'' ''No, sadly I'm not. She says It was cause of Michael but I have a scary feeling it could've been my fault'' ''You just admitted you had sex with her'' ''So what if I did?!'' ''Haha'' He finds this funny. ''Seriously Calum what if she is? And with me?'' ''Alright, She might not even be pregnant! And if she is, She'll obviously have a DNA test! If You're the Dad and she decides to keep the baby, You might be shocked or freaked out but once that baby is born, I bet it will be the first thing in your life and you will love it unconditionally. But If It's Michaels, Just be happy for them even if it hurts. Michael is our best mate after all and you shouldn't let a girl come between you're friendship'' ''I don't know Calum, I'm 17...She's just turned 16. It's all too crazy'' ''I know. Why don't you just either call her or go round to her?'' ''I will, And Thanks mate'' I give him a manly hug and leave before his annoying Mom tries to talk to me.



                                                     **JAYS POV**


If My mom found out I was pregnant (again) She'd kill me cause She'll know I wasn't raped, I actually did it. I'm sure it was Michael cause of what happened. I mean there could be a possibility it was Luke but I don't think so. *DING* The door bell rings, distracting me from my thoughts. ''Hey'' Luke smiles down at me, A piece of paper in his hand. huh? ''Hey'' I wipe my tears away, I've been crying for ages. Luke hugs me. ''Why you crying?'' ''Oh you know'' I tap my belly. ''Oh'' he looks down at my hand resting just below my belly button. ''So you are pregnant?'' ''Well...I don't know. I hope now'' I look down at my belly. What if there's a little fetus in there? With the genes from this boy standing in front of me? ''You need to go to the doctors. and if you are you need to take a DNA test'' Luke tells me when we get to my bedroom. ''I know'' I flop down on my bed. ''I've just turned though Luke, I'm definitely not ready'' I stare at his beautiful crystal blue eyes. ''This is crazy'' He whispers. ''I know'' I look down at that piece of paper then he hands it to me. ''What's this?'' ''Read it'' He smiles and gives me a cute kiss on the cheek. It's a poem.

Before I write this cheesy poem, I want to say I love you. Roses are red, (Violets aren't blue, they're purple) He makes me smile:) So, The sky is blue, I don't want you to get hurt, Because I Care about you. If you have the baby. I will love it even if its not mine. Because I know it will have an amazing mother,Who will be just fine. You may be young, but that doesn't mean you cant do it. You are capable of anything so don't have a fit (there's nothing that rhymes with it) I know this may stink, I know this might not rhyme but I will always love you, till the end of time. - Luke xx

  He really knows how to make me smile. I place the poem on my desk and look back at Luke. ''I love you'' I whisper and cuddle up close to him, resting my head on his warm, safe chest. ''Are you hot? Cause I'm really hot'' ''Jay, You're wearing a big sweater and fluffy Pyjama bottoms. You're obviously going to be hot'' He takes off my sweater for me, followed by my shirt and bra. He then takes his shirt off and puts it on me. I love the smell of him, I know that sounds weird but I love it. He then takes off my pants. ''Is that better?'' He asks. ''Yeah'' I smile at him and we get into my bed. Its 10pm Already! ''Do you want to watch a movie?'' I ask him. ''Sure'' ''What movie?'' ''Anything I don't mind''


                                                        **LUKES POV**


She didn't say anything about the poem, She only smiled. Now we're in bed together and She's wearing my shirt. She's too beautiful to get ruined. ''I love this film'' She squeals whilst holding the controller in her hand, flicking through movies on Netflix. Its a soppy romantic obviously... ''Do you want to watch this?'' She asks me. ''Up to you beautiful'' The word beautiful just slipped out of my mouth. She ends up falling asleep through half the film so I turn the TV Off and try to fall asleep next to my angel...

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