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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


9. apologies

I'm crying but I did this to myself and I shouldn't have fucked Luke and cheated on Michael. I call Michael.


''Hello'' Mike says. ''Hi'' ''What do you want?'' ''I'm sorry Michael'' ''Why Fuck my best friend and cheat on me with him, dump me then the next day say you're fucking sorry?!'' I knew he'd be pissed off. ''I know it sounds bad but its not'' ''Of course it fucking is Jaylyn!'' ''Michael, Just hear me out'' ''You don't have long'' ''Fine, Whatever'' ''Go on then'' ''That night when I told you everything, You freaked out and I felt like you didn't care about me, you only cared about me having sex'' ''Not true'' I Ignore his interruption. ''And then you left me broken and alone crying. So I called Luke and he came over straight away. I told him everything I told you and I told him about you leaving me and he was so understanding and cheered me up so much. His lips were so close to mine and he demanded me to kiss him so I did And that lead to sex'' ''So is Luke your boyfriend now?'' ''I don't actually know but what I do know is I love you loads and I shouldn't have fucked Luke'' ''How many time have you fucked him?'' ''Well he took me to this stream and....'' ''He fucked you'' Michael said the words for me. ''Yeah'' I sighed. ''So that's what 3 times?'' ''About that'' ''I'll be over in ten'' Michael sighed and ended the call. Why is he coming round? To beat me up or something? What the fuck? 10 minutes later Michaels at the door. ''Hey'' I open the door, he immediately kisses me. huh? ''Um alright'' ''Are your parents home?'' He asks. ''No'' ''Good'' He smiles. ''Shall we go in the living room?'' I ask. ''Sure''


We talk for a while and say our apologies. ''So are You mad?'' I ask. ''I was'' He smiles and moves closer. ''Ok I'm like a fucking sex doll calm down'' Yesterday Luke fucked me, and the day before, then the day before was my birthday and Michael had me in the bathroom. ''How did you know we were going to have sex?'' He giggled and I joined. ''Whatever'' I pushed him down on the sofa. Its true I do feel like a sex doll at the moment but I cant resist this boy in front of me. ''Oh ok then Jay getting horny'' ''OMG!'' I swat his arm and pull his shirt off. After he's fully naked he helps me get undressed. ''I think we should go to the bedroom, My parents could come at any moment'' ''Lets go'' He picks me up at takes me to the bed.


''I don't have a condom'' Mike tells me. ''Its ok I'm on the pills remember?'' ''Oh yeah'' I feel so bad for both Luke and Michael cause I've been fucking them both. I'm lying down on top of him, Kissing him passionately and grinding my hips into his. ''jay'' He groans in my mouth. ''You're actually the best I've ever had'' He sounds so fucking sexy. ''Mmmm'' I moan. My phone begins to ring and its Dan. What the fuck? ''Who is it?'' Michael asks. ''Dan'' ''What?'' He jolts obviously forgetting he's fucking in me. ''HOLY FUCK!'' I scream. ''Oh my god Jaylyn I forgot'' ''Don't worry'' I cut him off and he exits me. Blood starts to pour onto the bed. ''Fuck'' He lifts me up and takes me to the bathroom, sitting me on the toilet. ''You ok?'' He bends down in front of me. ''Yeah'' I take a deep breath. ''I'm so sorry'' ''Mike, I already said its fine!''  It hurts so fucking much.


                                                   **Michael's POV**


I'm kneeling in front of Jaylyn Both of us naked and she's bleeding out of her vagina cause of me. Omg. ''You were good though'' She smiles at me. This girl is killing me. ''Stand up'' ''But'' ''Just stand up'' She listens to me and stands up. ''Do you want to get it checked out?'' ''What? No!'' ''It could be serious. I mean you're on birth control...'' ''Fine'' ''I'll get our clothes'' We left our clothes downstairs. I hear someone in the kitchen. Fuck its Jay's mom and I'm naked. I grab our clothes and practically sprint up the stairs. ''Your mom's downstairs'' I tell Jay as I walk back into the bathroom with our clothes in our hands. ''Did she see you?!'' ''No but I heard her'' ''Oh'' ''Here'' I put her bra on for her. ''You need underwear don't you?'' I walk into her room and grab her clean panties. ''Thanks'' She says as I hand them to her. ''Ready?'' I ask her. ''Yep'' She grabs her cell phone and we step into my Car.


''What's your first name love?'' The annoying Receptionist asks Jay. ''Jaylyn'' ''Jaylyn McAllister?'' ''Yes that's me'' She says. ''Ok sit down in the waiting room just over there'' She points to the small Waiting room on the left Full of Women and their annoying Kids. ''You Ok?'' I ask her. ''Yeah'' She places her hand on my thigh and I put mine over hers. ''I love you'' I whisper and bring my face close to hers. She doesn't move away. ''I love you too'' ''I'm sorry for this'' I wave my hand in the air. ''It's fine'' ''Ok'' I kiss her slowly. ''Ewwww'' A young boy shouts making me break the kiss. ''Jacob!'' A woman shouts. ''I'm sorry'' She smiles at us. Kids. They're so annoying. A few minutes later a woman walks in. ''Jaylyn?'' She announces. ''Lets go'' I grab her hand. ''Hello'' The woman says, She's more annoying than the receptionist. ''Come in'' She adds. There's a male doctor in here. He better not touch my precious girl especially down there. ''Hello'' He says to my girl, ignoring me. ''So what's the problem?'' He asks ''Well'' She turns to me nervously. She obviously doesn't want to admit she just had sex with me. ''Just say it'' I mouth to her. ''Me and My boyfriend had sex and when he finished I was bleeding'' She left out the part about me pulling my fucking dick up forgetting I was in her. He looks at me. ''Did you go too deep or something?'' He asks. ''No, well I don't know really'' ''Lets do a little scan. Is it ok if you take your Underwear off too? Just to check it out'' She looks nervous and scared.


                                                              **JAYLYN'S POV**


 ''Is it ok if you take your Underwear off too? Just to check it out'' The man asks me. I'm so nervous. ''Will I get pregnant?'' I ask. ''Most Likely not so don't worry about that'' Phew! Michael's standing next to me, My hand in his. ''You ok?'' He asks. ''Yeah but it hurts'' He kisses just above my nose. The doctor's quite young and I think Michael's getting jealous. ''We're going to do a little scan Ok'' The doctor warns. ''Ok'' After the scan is done he fills in some kind of Form. ''Ok Everything looks fine I just think he went in a little too deep'' He glares at Michael. ''Dick'' Michael mutters under his breath when the doctor turns to walk to his desk. I squeeze his hand telling him to be quiet. My phone vibrates and its a text from Luke. ''Hope you're ok xx''  ''Is that Dan?'' Michael asks. ''No Its Luke'' ''What did he say?'' ''He's just making sure I'm ok'' ''Oh'' ''I thought you were friends'' ''We are'' ''Oh ok'' Idk.




''Jaylyn! Heard Michael fucked you last night!'' I hear a disgusting familiar voice, Of course Dan and his little gang of bullies. This time I'm not leaving without a fight. ''Yeah and what? At least he didn't fucking rape me'' I walk towards Dan the biggest dick out of all of them. ''Huh?'' ''Jaylyn!'' Luke runs towards me. ''Luke!'' He takes one look at Dan and his expression changes. ''Cheating on Michael now are you?'' Dan gives me a vile grin. ''Fucking leave her alone rapist'' Luke backs me up. ''Excuse me?'' Dan steps towards Luke. ''You dare fucking touch me and I'll slit your throat'' Luke says in a deep (and sexy) voice. Dan pokes Luke with one finger trying to piss him off. ''I said don't you dare fucking touch me!'' Luke shoves Dan into the wall. ''Woah man calm down!'' says Dan. ''What are you getting out of bullying your ex girlfriend? She only broke up with you cause you were at dick to her and you got her pregnant!'' Luke shouts. I appreciate him doing this for me but I don't want him to get hurt. ''How would you know you weren't even in this school!'' ''Maybe she told me'' ''You fucking did what now?!'' Dan yells at me. ''Oh shut up you think I wouldn't tell someone!?'' I fire back. ''I hate you so much Dan'' I slap him and he slaps me back twice as hard. Luke's face goes an angry red. ''THATS IT!'' He shouts, pushing Dan on the floor and swinging his fist in Dan's nose. Dan's hand collides with Luke's Lip causing it to bleed. Luke punches Dan twice more on his nose now breaking it out of place and blood pours all over Dan's shirt. ''Luke!! Please!!'' I yell for it to stop. I was enjoying it but it just got serious. ''Stay out of it'' One of Dan's idiot friends tell me. Dan's fist connects to Luke jaw ''Fuck'' I hear Luke mutter. Luke then moves on to breaking Dan's jaw but fails, only causing it to turn red. ''Jaylyn what the hell's happening?!'' Taylor and Sophie come running. Where were they?! ''I haven't seen you guys in ages! But its not the time to gossip'' ''Someone stop them!'' Taylor shouts. Michael runs into the scene, ending the fight. Luke's chest in pumping up and down rapidly. I walk over to him hugging him. ''You shouldn't have done that, now look at you!'' I don't know whether to thank Luke or be mad at him. ''You're welcome'' Michael walks away. I almost forgot he ended the fight!


''Michael!!'' I shout, running after him. ''What'' he stops but doesn't turn round to look at me. ''Thank You'' I sigh and hug him from behind. He moves his hands to touch mine which are around his waist right now then turns around. ''It's ok'' He whispers. I kiss him hard and long before whispering to him; ''You're my boyfriend not Luke ok? I love you lots and I'm sorry for what I did'' He smiles. ''I love you'' We pull away from eachother. ''Hey Luke'' I walk towards him. ''Thank you for protecting me but we need to get you cleaned up'' I grab his arm pulling him to the unisex toilets. He sits down on the toilet, me bending between his legs. ''The blood's gone now'' ''Thanks'' He kisses me sweetly. ''Luke'' ''Yeah?'' ''Michael's my boyfriend and I cant cheat on him like this. I know I've probably given you mixed feelings and I'm sorry its all my fault. But we cant keep doing this. Friends?'' ''Ok'' he gives me an understanding smile. We walk out of the toilet. ''Hey Ash where's Mike?'' Luke asks. ''Um with this girl I think'' ''Huh?'' I nearly shout. He points to Mike and a girl I know...Is it....Yes it is....Fucking Ashley. I walk over. ''Hey Baby'' I grab his hand and give Ashley a bitchy smile. ''Oh Uhh hello?'' He says. ''Who's she?'' I smile at him. ''Oh um Ashley'' ''Michael, Obviously I know her, just why are you with her?'' ''She's coming round mine tonight'' ''What?!'' ''Jay I'm sorry'' ''Wait, why are you sorry?'' Ashley butts in. ''Cause I'm his fucking girlfriend now go away back to your dick of a boyfriend'' I snap at Anna. I mean Ashley. ''You have a boyfriend?'' ''Yes she does and Its Dan'' ''What?!'' He shouts. ''Actually we broke up'' She smiles at me sarcastically. ''When like 5 minutes ago so you can fuck about with my boyfriend? He's hot but He's mine'' I hate her. ''And Michael why is she going round yours when I'm your fucking girlfriend?! And why say that right in front of me? You're fucking mad! Only minutes ago you where kissing me and treating me like the only girl in this world!'' I storm off and into Luke's arms. Michael's watching me so I take this opportunity to get his jealous. I kiss Luke hard and passionately. I then jump onto Luke's waist and he holds me up, My arms around his neck and his arms under my ass, his hands basically grabbing it. Luke then walks backwards on to the wall to Lean on. I'm actually enjoying this. ''What the fuck?!'' I hear Michael shout but I don't hesitate to break the kiss. Luke's tounge slides into my mouth, trying to find mine. When he finally finds it he wraps his tounge round mine dancing along with it. ''Uhh'' He groans. I then grind my hips softly and slowly Its hardly noticeable. I feel like everyone's watching but I honestly couldn't care less. ''Get off of her!'' Michael Shouts. Then I break the kiss staring at him. ''Do you not like it?'' I ask Michael. ''No not one bit!'' He's pissed off. Good. ''Well then she isn't going round yours tonight'' ''She wasn't going to anyway!'' ''Course'' I jump off Luke. He's smiling like a fucking idiot but it's so cute. ''Seriously'' I don't believe him cause Anna is a total bitch and goes from boy to boy. ''Anna's a bitch anyway so I wouldn't believe you'' ''Ashley'' He corrects me. ''Whatever her name is'' I don't give a shit. ''She just started talking to me and I don't know I just played along with her game by trying to make you jealous but that was a terrible idea I mean we just got back together and I'm just making it worse'' ''Yeah you are'' I'm quite pissed off to be honest. I don't bother anymore. I walk back to Luke and hold his hand. ''Luke forget what I said in the toilet. I'm an idiot I know but I'm done with him for a while'' The bell goes. Ugh. I walk to tutor with Luke.


'I sit next to Luke instead of Michael. ''Jay'' Michael says from behind me. ''Go away'' ''No you're my girlfriend'' ''No I'm not'' ''What?'' ''Your fault'' ''Fuck'' He mutters under his breath. ''You did this to yourself'' I turn around to face him. ''Please'' He whispers. ''Please what?!'' ''Michael I love you too much and if you hurt me even more you're going to end up killing me'' ''Jay'' ''I stand up and grab his arm and take him out of class. ''I got a call from the doctor last night'' ''What? what did he say?!'' ''I cant go on birth control anymore'' ''Why?'' ''Too dangerous'' ''So now I cant feel you'' he pouts. ''Not like you will again'' ''Huh?'' ''Michael That was so horrible what you did! She's with Dan you know?!'' ''Yeah I know now'' ''Another thing'' ''What?'' ''There's a possibility I could be pregnant......Again'' I hate to add the word again but its the truth sadly. ''Jay you serious?'' ''Yes I'm serious'' He has no expression on his face.


                                                           **MICHAELS POV**


I got Jay pregnant, what? How did this even happen though?! She was on the pills! I mean yes, she bled but that's cause I was an idiot and pulled too hard but how does that make her pregnant? I don't understand this and I don't want to be a fucking dad and I bet she doesn't want to be a mom! What the hell this all happened too quick! ''What are you thinking?'' This girl asks me. ''I--I no This happened too quickly!'' I don't know what to say. ''I might not be though'' ''I'm sorry again'' Tears start to form in my eyes oh god. ''Shhh'' Jay hugs me. She has tears in her eyes too. I mean she's the one going to (maybe) have a fucking baby!! Luke will freak out. Speaking of him... ''You guys alright? You're both crying?!'' He walks to us. ''Luke'' She pauses for a moment. ''I may be pregnant'' ''What?! With who?! Holy fuck what?! No! Did I do this?!'' ''No, Michael did'' ''What? How?'' ''We were you know. doing it. and he pulled his dick really hard, forgetting he was in me and I started to bleed so we went to the doctors and I'm not on birth control anymore. Its too dangerous and I wont go back on it. Also there's a possibility I could be pregnant.'' She rambles. Oh my god.

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