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A 16 year old girl, who goes out of her mind...She starts talking to this guy who's nearly 2 years older than her at school and they hook up. She goes through a lot with him and her friends and in the end, she feels alone and betrayed. She should've listened to her friends who were with her from the start but instead she ignored them and got into a lot of trouble with her new 'guy' of hers...What will happen to her after? and will it be a good decision?
WARNING: Rate Yellow: Swearing and Sexual Scenes


1. 16 tomorrow!!:)

Hi, I'm Jaylyn and I'm turning 16 In 2 days Eeeppp!! I cant wait! All my friends are 16 and I'm one of the youngest so finally I'm catching up! My Parents have promised me an amazing Sweet 16 at this new club downtown and I'm pretty sure its going to be amazing! There's this new kid at school (and damn is he hot!) called Michael, But what's really hot about him is that he has bright blue hair, tattoos and an amazing stretcher in his ear...He got held back a year in High School so he's a little older than me, 17 I think..? But yeah...My Best friends Sophie and Taylor and I are super excited and literally cant wait!!


''Oh my God Taylor! Who the hell is that?!'' I said just quiet enough so that the super hot guy standing only a few feet away cant hear me. ''I have no idea'' She whispered. ''But look at his friends!!'' I knew Taylor would think the cute brown haired one is hot. ''Hey Soph, What do you think of those boys over there?'' Taylor turned round to Sophie, The boy-crazy girl, just like me. ''Jesus, The blonde one...And the light brown curly haired guy...all...just all...how old do you think they are?! they cannot be 16 no way!'' She over-exaggerates. ''I heard they all got held back a year in their old school so they must be what? 17?'' Taylor said. ''Really? Bad guys then, I like that;)'' Said me. ''Tehe'' we all giggled and gossiped about the 4 new hot guys in school... *RINGG!* That horrible 'ear bleeding' school bell goes. We walk to Tutor.


''Hello Students! We have 4 new guys in your grade, All in Mr.Lewis' tutor'' Our tutor teacher, Mrs.Jason announced. Me, Sophie and Taylor looked at each other and smiled. ''Their Names are, Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke'' She told us. For the rest of tutor we were talking about Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke and how cute they are.


First days going really good so far..:)


*RINGG!* The bell...again...Off to first lesson (Always the worst!!) Maths. I'm rubbish at Maths and I hate it!! Also, I'm always sat next to the worst person ever! I stopped caring about Maths ages ago. I stopped caring about crappy school ages ago too. Until now. Finally! I'm actually happy with who I'm sat with!:) ''Hey'' He said with a cute smile. ''Hi'' I smiled back at the boy next to me. I took my books out and opened it with a sigh. ''Right class!'' My maths teacher half yelled. I can see the boy looking at me from the corner of my eye and I can feel his leg brushing against mine softly. This lesson will be interesting...


*End of Class* I felt someone tap my shoulder. ''Hey!'' The boy I was sat next to in class has re-joined me. Why is he talking to me? ''Hey'' I tried to hide my emotions. He smiled. Damn he looks so hot!! His blue hair nearly blinding me but my eyes seem to enjoy the pain. ''I'm Michael'' He smiled. ''Hey I'm Jaylyn'' ''What class do we have next? They haven't given me a timetable yet.'' ''Oh!'' Obviously...for a moment I thought he might've been interested in me...of course not! ''Yeah, Um we have Geography...Just come with me'' I hide my disappointment and smile at the clueless boy....

Why did I think he liked me?! He doesn't even know me!

 Geography is so freaking boring! All I can think about is that bright blue haired boy. I turn round to see him looking at me. I quickly shoot my head back round.


''Hey!!'' Michael calls for me. ''What's up?'' I turn round to face him, His face a bit too close to mine. I stand back a little. ''I want you to meet my friends, They're also new here'' Although...I already know their names and I've seen them around already. I follow him down the hall and I'm joined with 3 other hot guys. ''Hey'' I say, probably blushing, my face going red like a stupid tomato. ''Hi'' The blonde says.''I'm Luke'' I smile at him. ''And this is Calum and Ashton'' Pointing towards the two brown haired shy ones'' ''Hi'' they both say. Michael is awkwardly close to me right now and I look down at our feet touching. I look up at him. ''So where are you guys from?'' I ask. ''Well, we all went to Brentwood High but got held back a year but we  hated that school anyway. So we moved here. Its quite nice!'' Calum chirps. ''Yeah, Wait another month and you'll hate it!'' I joked. They all laughed. I spotted Taylor and Soph behind the boys. ''Oh! There's my friends! Sophie and Taylor'' They walked up to us. ''Hey'' Michael said. ''Hi'' Sophie said, Extremely red and shy. Oh god...-.-  ''Alright'' The curly brown haired...Ashton? I think? said. We all talked until that horrible bell rang and me and Michael walked off to English.


I loved English! Our teacher hardly taught us and we all ended up just chatting and texting as the Teacher never paid any attention. Also we got to sit where we liked. Me and Michael sat in the corner alone, Me sitting maybe a little too close to him but who gives a damn?! ''So uhh Jaylyn How old are you?'' He started the conversation '16 in 2 Days actually'' ''Seriously?! Damn I thought you were already 16!'' He said surprised. ''aha No, Turning 16 Very soon!''  ''How old are you?'' I added. ''17'' ''Oh'' ''Yeah...So uh you doing anything tomorrow?'' He asked. ''After school? No. Why?'' ''Well as I'm new here, I need some friends and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at my place after school?'' ''Uhh yeah sure!!'' I accepted the hot boys offer. ''Great! Are you doing anything for your birthday?''  ''Yeah well I'm having a party at that new club downtown, Uh Crash is it?'' ''Ah! Yeah! Crash...Heard its pretty good there'' ''Yeah! Well if you want, You and the rest of the boys can come about 8-ish?'' I offered. ''Sure!'' His smile is so cute. We exchanged numbers and he started flirt-texting me. ''Hey sexy;) I love your shoes'' He text me. ''Thanks, I like your belt;)'' ''Looking down there are you?:0'' ''Maybe...'' ''I know you want it;)'' ''Maybe I do!'' Damn do I... He put his phone down and laughed, I joined him. We were making full eye contact and suddenly stopped laughing. ''You've got beautiful eyes'' He said. ''Thanks'' I smiled. ''Show me some of your tattoos!'' I awkwardly changed the subject. After he showed me some of his tattoos Class was over and we headed to Drama.

Drama was just boring. Lunch next! Soph, Taylor, Michael, Calum, Ashton, Luke and I sat on the field and ate our lunch and just chatted for a while. Michael had his arm round the back of me and I was kinda leaning into him. I think Luke kinda noticed the way we were sitting and gave Taylor the 'they like eachother look.' Me and Michael also noticed and Michael gently slapped Luke's arm. I glared at Taylor, Warning her not to tease me about it. *RINGG!* Lunch was over, sadly. After, was History.


*End of School* ''Hey Jaylyn, Call me tonight?'' Michael Asked. ''Sure'' I smiled and he gave me a warm hug. ''See ya!'' ''You like him don't you?'' Sophie nudged me. ''Damn do I like him!?'' He's so freaking hot and cute at the same time I don't know if I could handle it!


I got home and asked my mum if I could go to 'my friends' house after school tomorrow, She said yes!! After I went to my room and layed down on my bed and pressed on his contact, waiting for him to pick up. ''Hey gorgeous'' He joked. ''Whatever. Hey'' I said. ''What?'' ''I'm no where near gorgeous..'' ''Shut up you are!'' ''No I'm Not but oh well''  We spoke for what felt like hours before he said goodnight and I fell asleep still wearing my makeup.


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