The Bandits of Madness

The Doctor doesn't always have great timing, but he outdoes himself when he crashes Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase's date.


5. We Research Our Doctor

      "So, where to now?" The Doctor asked, standing up from the too-small table we had crowded around and almost spilling Annabeth's glass.

     Annabeth glanced over at me. "We should probably be getting back to camp. They'll have been expecting us for a while now."

     "Great! We'll just hop back in the TARDIS and be there in a flash."

      She looked at him skeptically. "Actually, Doctor, I'm not sure whether that'll work. Plus, we left it back in Queens, remember?"

     "Yeah, and I doubt I can call Blackjack back again. He sounded pretty mad when he left. He's not used to carrying more than two people at a time."

     He pulled out a key from his pocket, grinning like he knew the secrets of the universe, which could have been perfectly true. "Never fear! If you'll just give me a second outside?"

     "Of course, but Doctor-" He and Donna walked out the door before I could say another word.

     I turned to Annabeth. "What do you think of those two?"

     "I'm not sure what to think, Percy," she replied, pulling out her laptop. "I'm just hoping this deli has Wi-Fi."

     I leaned over her shoulder as she pulled up a search: "doctor time lord". She clicked on a website as I chewed on the rest of her sandwich. "This seems confusing."

     "I was going to eat that, Seaweed Brain," she responded. "And yes, this is interesting."

     "I said confusing."

     "Yeah, OK. Look at this." She spun the laptop toward me, and I found myself suddenly gazing into the eyes of an older man with a choppy bowl haircut and holding something resembling a whistle. "Who's that?"

     "That is our new friend." She nodded at the Doctor, who seemed to be in a heated argument with Donna and was throwing his hands in the air excitedly.

     "In the future, maybe. What's up with his recorder thingy?"


     "Sorry, sorry. But why do you think this guy is him? They're totally different-looking!"

     Annabeth grinned. "That's the thing, see. According to this website, 'the Doctor' is some sort of title passed from person to person. This is him from-"

     "Hey, guys! We're ready to go if you are." The Doctor poked his head in the door, grinning as always.

     Annabeth snapped her laptop closed and stood up. "We're ready, but we're still not sure if it'll work..."

     "Don't worry! The TARDIS can travel anywhere, no problemo."

     "OK, but only if you're fine with crashing your tortoise." I stood up as well and started out the door.

     "TARDIS, Percy!" She followed me out into the now-rainy sky. Out of habit, I thought, What have I done this time? before realizing that, for once, I hadn't done anything. Someone had, though, as the sky only got darker as we walked toward the ship and, oddly enough, home.

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