The Bandits of Madness

The Doctor doesn't always have great timing, but he outdoes himself when he crashes Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase's date.


2. We Meet a Doctor of Everything

The two teenagers stand at the side of the lift, looking shocked. I can't blame them. When most get a glimpse of the TARDIS for the first time, especially when two adults waltz out of it, they can get a little shaky. 

"Umm, hello." Donna ventured nervously, stepping towards the girl with curly blond hair and stormy gray eyes. I notice that she tightens her grip on the boy's hand, a teen with brown hair who's clutching a plastic ballpoint pen. That's rather odd, but I can't really judge when one of my most powerful 'weapons' is a screwdriver.

"Who are you?" Donna asks the teens, in a gentle voice I've heard her use when speaking to small children. 

"Who are you?" the boy asks with an American accent, stepping in front of the girl slightly.

"I'm the Doctor, and this is Donna Noble," I say, standing straighter.

"Oh, like a medical doctor?" the girl asks, sounding friendlier than the boy, whom I'm guessing is her boyfriend.

"No, a doctor of, well, everything," I say with a chuckle.

"Back up," the boy says with an attitude that makes Donna take a step back. "What is that thing? And what are you?"

"That's the TARDIS, the convertible of time-traveling spacecrafts. And I'm the Doctor."

"You said that already. What I mean is, are you mortal? Are you a demigod, or a god? Maybe you're a titan?"

What? A titan? Isn't that a football team in America? I can tell that that's where we are, based on their accents and the design of the lift, which is probably in the Empire State Building, but I have no clue why he's asking if Donna and I are gods. Donna then poked me and angled her head at the TARDIS, which I remember materialized into a moving lift.


I decide to start again, as the two teens stare at me questioningly, almost daring me to make a run for it.  "To answer your question, Donna here is mortal."

"And you aren't?" the girl asks skeptically, looking at me as if she was wondering if she should get on one knee to show respect or if she should laugh at me and then punch me in the face.

"I'm a Time Lord, the last one in the universe." The two teens then look at each other with alarm in their faces, and then the boy uncaps his pen, which transforms into a long bronze sword, wicked sharp and with Ancient Greek carved into it. 



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