The Bandits of Madness

The Doctor doesn't always have great timing, but he outdoes himself when he crashes Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase's date.


4. Queens Sure is Strange

When we exited the TARDIS, I doubled back a bit to see how the teenagers were doing. After all, it's quite a shock to be in a lift and then have the TARDIS just woosh inside, and have two adults, one who's an alien, waltz out like it's just any other Tuesday.

"So, how are you taking it?"

"Hmm?" the girl, Annabeth, replied, completely focused on the conversation she was previously having with the boy, Percy. Based on how close they're standing to each other and how they act together, I could tell that they were a couple. 

"You know, the TARDIS can be kind of, well, I don't know how to say it."

"Weird?" Percy supplied, sharing a look with Annabeth. 

"Strange?" Annabeth countered as Percy wrapped his arm around her waist.

"We've seen some strange stuff, and I think this is about the same level as the others," Percy confirmed, as Annabeth played with a large gold college ring on a leather cord, strung with painted clay beads and a coral pendant.

Trying to figure out what strange stuff he meant, I thought about all they had done and what we'd found out about them in the scant 15 minutes we'd known them. I realized that Percy did just pull a bronze pen/sword on the Doctor, Annabeth had a laptop that was made four centuries ago, they'd just taken a ride on the TARDIS, and they seemed to be barely shaken. Catching up to the Doctor, I looked quizzically at him.

"Doctor, what are they?" I asked, confused by their casualness with weapons and their knowledge, which seemed to impress even him.

"I did a quick scan of their DNA when they were in the TARDIS," he confided. "They're not all human."

"Aliens? Teenage aliens on a date at the Empire State Building?" I said, half kidding and half deadly serious.

"No, not alien. Half human, and half something ancient. Older than me," the Doctor replied, sneaking a quick look over his shoulder at the pair. "I've heard myths about them as a child, from the others. Powerful beings that resided on Earth, changing forms and locations with the Western Civilization."

"So, they aren't aliens, but they aren't human?" I asked, the Doctor's history lesson giving me a headache. Older than him? The Western Civilization?

"Exactly. Remember when I said I was a Time Lord to them, and Percy pulled out his sword? I could see something in his eyes, saying that the two of them had encountered something that had to do with time."

"One of the powerful beings you talked about?"

"No. Older, the ones from which the beings came. The generation from before. I'm guessing they came back, tried to reclaim their throne. That sword? The look in their eyes? They've been through war."

"But Doctor, if they are half human, what other half are they?" I asked, growing more fearful of the two by the second. He regarded me solemnly, practically looking through me into the depths of my soul, and speaks.

"Greek gods."

Dumbfounded, I stop in my tracks. Greek gods? I can't see the two of them being kids of thousands of years old beings. I open my mouth to speak again, but I'm cut off by Percy.

"'Doctor', right? You waltzed out of a Police Box, did who-knows-what to Annabeth's laptop,  had us go into a Police Box - which was bigger on the inside -, hopped across town to Queens, and my only question is this: You said something about going to lunch, and the place we're going, does it have blue food?" Percy said, looking serious and holding onto his pen/sword tightly.

Annabeth groaned. "Not blue food again! I already had blue pancakes for breakfast. You know that I love you, but I can only take so much blue food in moderation, Percy." 

"Do I want to know?" I asked Annabeth.

"Percy loves blue food. Blue jellybeans, blueberry smoothies, blue pancakes, blue corn tortilla chips, you name it."

"But wh-" I began to say before being cut off by a very strange person.

"Mraw!" He yelled, stampeding through the semi-empty streets, holding his hands up on his head like horns. No, not horns. His fingers were spread out, while if he was holding them like horns they would be close together, curled inward. The way the bloke's hands were positioned, they looked like . . . antlers.

"Doctor!" I yelled over the bloke's frantic yells. 

"Donna!" he responded while he and Percy struggled to regain their balance after being pushed into a brick wall by an overturned chips stand. 

"Bloody Nora," I said, pulling out the most weapon-like objects I had, which in this case were the keys to my mum's flat. Annabeth pulled something out too, a polished bronze knife made out of the same material as her boyfriend's sword. Whipping it out of her shirtsleeve, she made herself heard in all the chaos, telling people to move out of our way.

"Percy!" she screamed over the crowds, struggling against the tide. "Can you summon Blackjack?" Over the heads of two girls, one tall with long blonde hair and the other an extremely petite Asian girl, I saw Percy nod his head and close his eyes tightly, concentrating as the Doctor forged ahead, scanning the bloke yelling with his sonic screwdriver. A dark winged shape swooped down above the heads of everyone, neighing as Percy catapulted himself aboard and flew over to the Doctor. He grabbed his arm and, with some difficulty, hoisted him onto the horse. Annabeth reached out and grabbed Percy's hand, swinging on right behind him. 

"Donna!" she yelled. "Grab on!"

The bloke holding his hands to his head charging towards me, I accepted Annabeth's hand. Pulling me up with more strength than I thought she had, I sat behind the Doctor, trying not to fall. I felt the winged horse beneath me drop a few feet in the air, its wings shaking as it flapped away.

"Percy, can Blackjack drop us near that diner we went to?" Annabeth asks, her arms wrapped around his waist.

"Sure thing."


"Well, that's something you don't do every day," the Doctor declared while Annabeth took a sip of her water. The deli we were dropped off at, both literally and figuratively, by Percy's pegasus friend Blackjack, turned out to be a Greek deli. Ironic.

"Well, we all can't transport ourselves in our personal phone box," Percy said. 

"Before we got a lift from Percy's pegasus, I did a scan on the bloke. He's human, but he's mad." 

"Yeah, I think we all know that! Regular people don't exactly go running and yelling in the street, acting like a bloody moose!" I said loudly, causing a few looks from some startled customers. 

"Mad, like crazy?" Annabeth queried.

"Mad like insane. It's like someone took his sanity, snapped his mind. That mind I saw was perfectly healthy until someone crept in and broke it over their knee. Whoever or whatever we're dealing with, they aren't human, and this isn't the first time they've done this, and I'll bet the TARDIS that they won't stop with Monsieur Moose over there."

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