A world where boys dating boys were normal, girls dating girls were normal, yet a boy dating a girl would be made a fuss of- and illegal.


2. "You know it isn't allowed."

Maybe I should have never written that note, maybe I should have just put the pen down before I began writing, maybe I should have asked a girl out, a girl I didn't even care about. Girls nowadays were so dramatic, overly dramatic to be accurate. I just couldn't understand why the law was like this. Snapping out of my train of thoughts as my right arm collided with the lockers as a group of boys ran past me, I sighed. Two of them, Harry and Louis, were already together, and to be honest, I found it rather cute, they were actually in love; it was so obvious with the way they look at each other. Nowadays, we were forced to date our own gender, and it was rare to find a gay or lesbian couple who are actually, indeed, in love with each other. Harry and Louis was definitely in love, and I smiled as Harry glanced over in my direction before whispering to Louis. Are they talking about me or something? Louis nodded before taking Harry's hand and approached me, and I gulped quietly. Never talked to them before, I was rather nervous on what they wanted. "Harry told me that you fancied Felix, right?" Louis asked in a hushed whisper and I immediately blushed and shook my head, and as I mentioned before- I was a terrible, terrible liar and Louis picked up on that almost straight away. "You do!" he exclaimed excitedly, gently nudging me. We weren't friends, we saw each other, so why was he talking to me as if I was his best friend? What did he want? "But.." Louis began to speak, soon trailing off as his gaze shifted to Harry uncomfortably and Harry nodded slightly, a nod of encouragement I'd say. "You know it isn't allowed." Louis murmured as he linked his arm with my left arm, nodding sadly. Smiling confusedly, I looked at Harry then at Louis again, rather puzzled as to why they suddenly were so comforting and... understanding.

"Love is an amazing thing." Harry piped up and Louis nodded in agreement with a smile of confirmation, "Love is something that we all crave for." he continued to speak, and I knew that Harry would start on a long speech, as everybody knew he liked to talk a lot. "Love is something we want, something we embrace, something we need, and sometimes, we can't get what we love, or who. People tear us apart, people force us together, people break us, and they don't understand it, not even a bit. I don't understand how people can simply break two people up and be able to sleep for all of their nights, whereas some people may close their eyes and never open them again. That's the saddening truth of the world we live. Of course I love Louis, but sometimes I wonder how it would turn out if we lived in a parallel world where we would not even be able to be together, and that scares me a lot, that thought even makes me shed a couple of tears." Harry paused for breath, wrapping a protective arm around Louis' waist, although their height difference made it look a bit awkward but they both were happily smiling in their warm and snuggly embrace. "Love is what we need, it doesn't matter who we fall for. If you like Felix, go and tell him. He might feel the same. Fuck the law. Fuck the government." he said with a chuckle, looking at me, and I reacted with a wry smile and a weak shake of my head. Parting my lips to speak, I heard Felix's laughter floating through the air as I moved my head to look at him, and I could feel my heart sinking deeper as he had Aaron's hand tight in his grip.

"It isn't as easy as that."

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