A world where boys dating boys were normal, girls dating girls were normal, yet a boy dating a girl would be made a fuss of- and illegal.


3. Daydreams.

"Athena?" Felix called, and I smiled at the sound of his voice, and I turned around, only to feel his arms wrap around my waist. "I missed you." I heard him whisper as he pressed his rosy red lips to my cheek, making me feel the familiar heat that filled my cheeks. Felix's soft chuckle was sounded and he engulfed me into a tight, warm and cosy embrace.

"Oh shush," I giggled, allowing my arms to snake around his neck, and I pecked his nose quickly and he grinned cheekily as he pulled me closer to his body.

"You missed." He whispered coyly with a sheepish smile spread across my lips and I laughed, leaning up onto my tip toes as our lips inched closer and closer towards each other.


Then I woke up.

Man, I got to stop those dreams.

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