The New Guy

This story is about Louis who moves as a transfer student to a new school, he then meet Claudette who helps him through rough times and patches! But makes enemies, will his past come back to haunt him or will he begin a new life as a completely new person!

Read this story and watch as the plot takes twists and turns and slowly unfolds itself


1. New Beginnigs

Louis POV:

Finally my past was left behind and I didn't need to be reminded of the dreadful day a new school=a new beginning right? My thoughts were interrupted by a girl with long dirty blond hair falling to about were her tank top ended "Hi there. I haven't seen you here before. Are you lost?" she asked. 

"I was lost until I found you!" I replied playing it cool.

"Wow...Most transfer students are really shy on their first day...!" She exclaimed.

"Well I'm not most transfer students." I then said.

"No...Apparently not. Your not about to kiss my hand or start reciting poetry are you?" She replied jokingly smiling.

"Would that work?" I asked cheekily.

"Absolutely not!" She replied.


"Heh. Nice to meet you. I'm Louis 'The Tommo' Tomlinson!" I cheerfully exclaimed trying to get to know her better.

"I'm Claudette. Follow me I'll show you around!" she said and I followed her maybe this school wouldn't be so bad!

"So why did you transfer here anyway?" She asked.


The horrible memory flashed back into my mind... Pouring rain... The smell of grass... The roar of a crowd...


I couldn't possibly tell her I got to know her more and she told me about when she started out as a new student in this school, then another girl walked up to us interrupting our conversation. The girl whose name is Emily was asking who I was and I let Claudette explain as I listened to their conversation about cheer-leading and sports, I was done with this topic I hated sports now!


Just then someone banged into me on purpose a guy with very curly hair which fell to his face. "Can you not see where you are going? Are you blind?" I asked as I saw his face fall maybe I shouldn't have said that.

"Yes, I am and I am truly sorry and anyways whoever you are my name is Josh! Nice to meet you, Well except the first part at least!" I suddenly wished those words hadn't escaped my mouth, I felt terrible for him and I hated myself right now for making the guy feel bad. The guy then ran upstairs, I am guessing to his class, but then Emily came up to me and told me what he would be doing right now, he would be sobbing on the terrace or possibly in a nurses office to ask how long it would be until his eyesight was fixed! 


After the short lecture I ran up the stairs after him and checked the nurses room which was actually empty so then I legged it upstairs on to the terrace to see Josh sitting down crying with a photo frame in his hand! 


"I am so sorry mate, I didn't know I am just new and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, please forgive me?" I asked begging for forgiveness.

"No no its not your fault you see whenever I get upset or something I get reminded of that day when my parents died in a horrendous car crash, my mum survived the crash but then died in the hospital after suffering from brain damage and a severe heart attack, my dad died exactly on the scene because a screw was nailed into his head when he banged it into a broken CD player piece, I was lucky to survive but I lost my eyesight and I seriously wish I died then and there with my parents, I don't have enough money to afford an operation seeing as I have a very cruel foster family, I sometimes think it was all my fault that they died but sometimes I think they died for the best of reasons!" He said with tears falling down his cheek every time he said a single word. I admit I had some tears in my eyes and felt extremely sorry for him, I decided I would join up some money to get him an eye operation, I already had a lot seeing as I had been saving up from my birthday!


“I feel like I should be punched in the face with a hammer I am so so sorry I didn’t know anything about you and I said something that hurt your feeling so much please forgive me!” I said.

“No no its fine how many times have I said that already now go to class, I can see a bit through one eye and I will get to class to! Bye uhhh?” He asked.

“Louis, Louis ‘The Tommo’ Tomlinson!” I said and hugged him bye! I made my way to my first class which was English in U7, I entered the class and sat next to Claudette seeing as she was the only person I knew in this school.

The teacher started talking “Okay class today we will learn about writing persuasive arguments so here is your starter activity, please..” but was interrupted by 4 boys walking in together obviously late, I felt Claudette tense up beside and then the teacher snapped!


The Curly one who I am guessing is Harry smirked at Claudette and then looked at me, “Why the fuck you in ma place for, move!” He said as he said these words Claudette grabbed my shirt and so I decided not to budge a single bit.

Then the teacher looked at me and said sarcastically “Louis please sit next to Niall Horan seeing as this is ‘Mr Harry Styles seat’!” I then moved and sat next to one of Harrys friends called Niall he had blond hair and was quite nice, the lessons went quite fast and the day was quickly over, I said my goodbyes to Claudette and then went home!! 

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