Attempted poetry

Thoughts that bubble over need somewhere to go, so i spill them across my keyboard. I don't really have much of a skill set other than writing, so I can only hope that you enjoy these little bits of my soul.


9. Ruin me more

You have ruined sleeping in my own bed for me

Because nothing can compare to the scent of you r sheets at 3 o'clock

Because nothing is like hearing you heart beat with mine

Because there is no force on this Earth that can feel like you pulling me closer when I thought you were asleep

Because tiny kisses plant seeds in our skin that bloom and blossom at 4 am

And 5 o'clock air feels nonexistent because we a the only things that matter

How your fingertips feel as they trail across my skin, erecting bumps under the surface

It's electricity

Because normal 6 o'clock could never feel this good, unless I'm with you

7 and 8 o'clock pass far too quickly 

And at 9 am your chest is greater than any pillow

Your voice at 10 am when you whisper "Good morning" is what perfection sounds like 

Because maybe, just maybe

There is some good left in the world 

And maybe, just maybe

It's right here

In the twilight between day and night 

Because this is what twilights were made for

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