Attempted poetry

Thoughts that bubble over need somewhere to go, so i spill them across my keyboard. I don't really have much of a skill set other than writing, so I can only hope that you enjoy these little bits of my soul.


4. Poison

Your words stain my soul

Screaming never ceasing 

Turn my heart black as coal

I try to escape, but I've lost all sense of feeling


Hurt and distraught, my monsters return

We were all so happy, once upon a time

But now that you're gone, dark thoughts churn

They begin to infect my mind


I can feel your venom fighting its way in

What happened to my fairy tale

Words like fangs, they pierce my skin

Everything I try is of no avail


It burns, coursing through my veins

I'm done trying to get better

I'm the weakest link in my own chain

I guess this is my happily never after

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