Attempted poetry

Thoughts that bubble over need somewhere to go, so i spill them across my keyboard. I don't really have much of a skill set other than writing, so I can only hope that you enjoy these little bits of my soul.


1. Numbers


Never ceasing to control our every move

"Should I eat this?" numbers on a scale say,

"Of course not! You'll never improve."

Numbers in our bank accounts and numbers on our homes


Constantly in our way and no way of escape!

Pounded and pounded in, we've got numbers in our fucking bones!

And for what?

To categorize something as precious as a human 

And for what? 

Control by those whose number make them more important


But we need them right? 

Because anything as special as an individual must be contained 

We are so terrified of our numbers 

Our minds have been chained

And that in itself gives numbers their power


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