Attempted poetry

Thoughts that bubble over need somewhere to go, so i spill them across my keyboard. I don't really have much of a skill set other than writing, so I can only hope that you enjoy these little bits of my soul.


5. Mirrors (spoken word)

Shallow mirrors showing shallow reflections

Of times once passed and not yet forgotten

They show our scars from that accident when you were nine

They show the bags under your eyes from the late sleepless nights

And we torture our selves

Slaving in front of the mirrors, desperate to cover our flaws and mistakes

Desperate to show the world a version of ourselves we barely accept

We spend all this time in front of mirrors trying to cover what they show

Without truly realizing the beauty of reality that they hold

A mirror doesn't say "You look terrible"

A mirror doesn't say "You shouldn't have eaten today"

That's in your mind

Don't blame a mirror for the way you see yourself

That's in your brain

Mirrors show what you put in front of them

Nothing more nothing less 

Don't let a piece of glass control your life

Because reflections only work if you reflect on reality

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