Attempted poetry

Thoughts that bubble over need somewhere to go, so i spill them across my keyboard. I don't really have much of a skill set other than writing, so I can only hope that you enjoy these little bits of my soul.


6. How could you? (spoken word)

(Fair warning, this may get nasty. I will not filter this at all, these are my true words and feelings I apologize if anyone is offended)

How could you? 

What did I ever do?

What happened to our quaint quiet life?


You made me hate the people I loved.

You made me leave my love behind.

You ripped my heart from my fucking chest.

You were there from the beginning.

You said you wanted the best.

Ha! Fuck that!


You turned my life into what I hated most!

You took me to hell

then you threw me to the devil and you never looked back.

No! You made me want to end it all.

You made me love you and all your lies.

"Never play your family" you said.

"Everything is great" you said.


No more! I've had enough!

You made my skin thick and tough.

All the lies you told throughout the years,

have finally come to light.


Now I see.

Now I finally see.

It is all over. Did it ever even start?

Was the love you showed us as thin as your heart?


I was wrong to trust someone like you

But how could I know?

A child so young and so easily deceived 

I never really thought someone like you could be so cruel.


My parents, my house, my love, my home

You took them away like you would a dog's bone

I'll never forget what did to us all

I hope you'll never forget to love past the fall.


Honesty was never your policy

You never even gave a shit 

For someone with so much experience 

I thought you would be a bit more decent


I hate you! Everything you've ever done now circles through my mind.

I love you. I just want everything to go back to the way it was.

I hate you! You'll never been the same in my eyes.

I love you. You are everything that I have wanted to become.

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