Luck of the Irish- Niall Horan Fan Fiction

I'm Zoella. I love singing, dancing , acting and I always have a smile on my face... well I used to anyway.


2. Chapter 2

Niall's POV

I stayed by her bed in the medical room until she woke up. She looked like an angel. No way on earth was I going to let her go back to that monster. The nurse studied all her injuries, new and old. Burns, scars, cuts, bruises, scratches, and parts of her hair being pulled out. I was surprised she lasted that long with the dick head.

Mitch the Dick was taken by the police and was arrested for domestic abuse. He should rot in hell for what he's done to Zoella. She had done nothing wrong. The only crime she's committed is being so god damn irresistible.

I lowered my head so that I could kiss her. Just a peck on the lips, I'm not a creep or anything. Her lips were a perfect shade of cherry red and she smelt devine, of berries and spices. She's my Zoellaberry.

Just as I pulled away, her eyes flicked open. She'd been out for at least an hour but she acted like she had only been out for a matter for minutes.

"What time is it? She asked, rubbing her head

"Umm... It's coming up to 2.30. You aren't going to class missy and I'm not leaving you either. We're staying in here until the end of the day and then I'm taking you home to mine. You're not going to that dick head's house ever again."

"What happened Niall? Why isn't Mitch here with me?"

"He's at the police station because he's the reason why you are here! He beat you outside school, I was the only one there to protect you. I carried you here to make sure you wouldn't die. He knocked you out for crying out loud!"

"Mitch would never do that. He loves me, and I love him back... at least, I think I love him back"

"Someone who loved you wouldn't do that to you. Players get the bitches, Gamers get the Princess. He's the former, you're a princess and he doesn't deserve you. You know that you don't really love him."

"How would you know Niall? I've known you for less than a day and now you're acting like Prince Fucking Charming, waltzing in here telling me my boyfriend is an ass hole because he put me in my place. Is that right? I'm going to bail him out." I stepped in front of the door so she couldn't go out, she has to know what a real relationship is like.

"A guy should never hit a girl, that's guy rule number 1. Number 2 is never steal another guy's girl, but I'm willing to break that rule to show you how a relationship should be, treating you like a princess."

"I know how a relationship should be Niall, get out my way!"

"How many boyfriends have you had? How many Zo?"

"Just Mitch... but that shouldn't matter. He said he's the best I'm going to get so that must be how relationships work."

"Really? He's staying in that cell until you get some sense knocked into you!" I could see her flinch when I said that last sentence making me rethink my phrasing "Not in a physical way love, just let me prove to you that I can treat you a million times better. You're staying round mine anyway until we can find you your own place."

She thought for a second before giving her response. She's given me a week to prove to her how a relationship should be. I think I could do it in less, but at least it gives me a nice safety blanket to help her see what she's missing out on.

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