Luck of the Irish- Niall Horan Fan Fiction

I'm Zoella. I love singing, dancing , acting and I always have a smile on my face... well I used to anyway.


1. Chapter 1


(Okay, I know Zoella is an actual  youtuber that is amazing and has beautiful hair but I think that Musicalbethan looks more like the character in my head

I'm Zoella. I love singing, dancing, acting and I always have a smile on my face... well I used to anyway. My mum's not around anymore and my dad, he's useless! I'd been practically living on my own for years. That was until I met Mitch, he treated me like a princess. He bought me clothes, a new phone, taking me to the theatre and to posh restaurants and he even bought me a car! I used to have everything, but he changed. I thought it was nothing until one night when he came home with another girl, much prettier than me, and he reeked of weed! I kicked the girl out, he wasn't too happy about that. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to his room. I screamed, my chin and knee's getting carpet burn from being dragged up the stairs. You thought he was going to rape me there, didn't you? I did to, but he just locked me in the room, cut off all electricity and heating, tied me up and gagged me. He left me there for the whole weekend. Now he only lets me out for school and even then he drives me there and back. I can't go out. I haven't got any friends, I can't mention what he does to me!

At school I keep my head down, avoid eye contact and pretend I don't exist. It was working well until he started.

"Class, we have a new student. He's a Music Scholar and I hope you make him feel at home." The Principal says to the class. "I need someone to look after him for the week, show him around, teach him the ways of the college... that sort of thing."

"Please don't pick me, please don't let it be me, anyone but me!" My head screamed

"Zoella Shaw? Would you mind looking after him?" It was a rhetorical question of course, the boy was already being guided to the empty seat next to me.

"Hi, I'm Niall Horan." He beamed. He had blonde hair styled into a quiff, his smile was bright and he had blue eyes you could easily get lost in.

"I'm Zoella." I looked away shyly. I don't like the attention. The bell rang and I was relieves to be out of form room, but I had Niall and I needed to usher him to lessons.

"I've got English Literature first, what do you have?" He asked. Great! I have English Lit too... could this day get any better!

"English Lit... I'll take you to class, follow me."

"Zoella, why are you so distant from everyone else?"

"The people who care always leave, or may as well leave. I can't lose anyone else, I may as well not add anyone to the list." I murmured.

" did you get that cut? The one on your shoulder." I moved my cardigan so it was again covering Mitch's 'Marks of Territory'. "I know, I'm prying. But you seem nice and I want to get to know you."

​"Well don't!" I snapped, turning around to face him. "I don't need anyone! You'd just leave me like everyone else, or hurt me, or make false promises. Just don't bother!" I turned back around and left without him. I could hear him calling my name, but I didn't stop walking, it made me walk faster. I was about to put my hand on the door knob when he grabbed my cut shoulder, his firm grip making me cry out in pain.

"You going to tell me what happened? Or shall I tighten my grip?" He threatened, his eyes turning a darker shade of blue.

"It... it was Mitch! Just leave me alone Niall, I don't need sympathy. Fairytales don't exist. I'm having to deal with the guy that's been given to me."

"You don't. I'm sitting with you at lunch."

"Mitch takes me out at lunch. Sorry."

"I'll follow then."

"Niall, no!"

"Well tough!"

*Skip to lunch because I'm lazy :P *

I waited at the roundabout, and he arrived

"Hello bitch." He snarled, I didn't reply. "Oi, slut! You're being spoken to!" He grabbed my wrist tight.

"Don't call me that Mitch." I protested... big mistake.

"I'll call you whatever the fuck I want. And how dare you give me sass!" He punched me to the ground. I saw a figure running towards me, I couldn't see who it was through my tears.

"Hand's off mare. She's mine! You can hit this worthless bitch when I'm done!"

"So you're Mitch!" The owners thick Irish accent lingering in the air "Get the fuck off her!" And with that, Mitch was down. I felt weightless... I woke up in the medical room.


Hello my lovely minions! I'm T.J and welcome to my Niall Horan Fanfiction. I will be Co Authoring it with the lovely xCarryx. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Comment, Fave and stuff... oh and read my other Movellas on the site as well! Lovez you all!

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