A Little Secret

Before I start writing the blurb I'd like to say thank you to Mahogany Pumpkin for making the book cover - Anyway, onwards to the story!!!

Chloe Black, young, happy, a werewolf and in love with a human.
Harry Styles, young, happy and in love with a werewolf.
Chloe and Harry are best friends but when Mr. Tomlinson becomes their art, and English, teacher Chloe senses something. Something telling her that Mr. Tomlinson isn't human - Something telling her he's immortal and he can not be trusted...


1. Prologue

'Take me!' I screamed as I saw Harry's eyes that where looking at the bloodsucker with fear. Harry shook his head, knowing what would happen if Louis bit me. 

'What?' Louis asked as he loosened his grip on Harry's shirt and looked back as me, I breathed in and then out,

'Take me... You can kill me... But you.... You have to leave Harry alone.' I said and looked into the eyes of death. 'Promise!' I snapped, Louis smirked and pushed Harry to floor, 

'How about that?' He asked and walked towards me, 'A werewolf sacrificing herself for a petty human...' He grabbed me by the collar, I looked at Harry - For possibly the last time, his lifeless body lying on the floor - Looking at us. 'You sure?' Louis asked, I nodded,

'I'd die for him...' I whispered, Louis smirked,

'You really do love him, don't you.' I put on a weak smile, 

'More than you'd know and not even a stupid, filthy, bloodsucker can change that!' I snapped, Louis thew me across the room,

'Don't call me that!' He roared and picked me back up, he pulled me closer again. 'You really don't know us that well.' Louis told me, I looked at him confused before two sharp, knife like, teeth sunk into my neck. 'You should really know that we'd never give up human blood!' 

It clicked, he was still going to kill Harry.

'No!' I screamed as the venom started to kick in I let out an ear piercing scream, 'You promised!' I screamed yet again. 

'Promises are made to be broken.' He said walked over to Harry whose body was shaking, he picked him up off of the floor and the last thing I saw was Louis biting Harry before it all went black...

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