Endless Love

Who is he? Is it fate that he came here to Oaklan High out of any other town or city? Why is he here? A girl, who isolates herself from other people, is approached by the famous, new transfer student. Jack Orfen is quite the looker as for Madeline, she is locked up in fear of betryal and misfortune. Everyone thinks she's scary and rude, but that isn't the case here, Madeline is easily misunderstood. So what happens when Jack is the only one who who does and has never had anyone misunderstand him? How can he show compassion to someone who may never be able to trust again? This is just the beginning of their journey to what could end up to last in an endless love...


2. The Start of Something New

"You, uh, dropped this," He was leaned up against the frame of her door where his head was slightly tilted almost above her. Maybe it was the way he stared at her that had the frames of her lenses shake beyond fear. His long, dark eyelashes  and his messy curly hair made it hard to look away. He was indeed the star of any girls darkness, "I didn't want to seem like a creep, but I followed you to your house after school. I hope it isn't problem since you may already know who I am,"

"I don't know who you are," She quickly grabbed her diary from him, "Thanks for my diary,"

Madeline starts to close the door, but his shoe blocks it from closing all the way, and with his slender hands, he pushed the door back open. Madeline stood dazed at the sudden situation. He smirked at her and his eyes locked onto hers. 

"It's an honor, you are the first person to ever shut me out," His eyes became dark in ways she couldn't understand, but she was losing her sense of care as she let go of the door and walked back into her living room. He chuckled some more as he made himself at home, but she decided that she would do what she could to get him to avoid her, "My name is Jack Orfen, what's your name?"

"Ashley Chaivinsky," She lied as she sat down on the maroon, colored sofa.

Her parents were barely home during the day and most of the night. This is where Madeline developed her independence and fear of growing close to others, but why, of all people, is Jack Orfen standing before her in her living room? It couldn't have been some sort of coincidence.

"It would take a fool to fool me, Madeline," He suddenly left the room to the front door where he escorted himself out. Madeline, in utter shock, rushed to the door where she found him entering a house just right across the street from her.

"You read my diary!?" She screamed from to him, but he looked back at her and smirked slyly before he closed the door behind him.

Madeline finally realized that this Jack Orfen is now officially her new, across the street, neighbor and a possible enemy. Though she was confused, she attained the thought of a more aggressive divergent decision.This journey doesn't have a visible end, but her next move, if needed, became planned out in preparation to what could happen on the next day.


Six A.M. struck quickly as three alarms bursted into long periods of various tunes playing on the same radio station. Madeline laid in her bed until the alarms clicked silent. Only the sound of footsteps above her creaked upon the ancient wood of the second floor. 

"I'm done with you! You and I both know that we'll only keep seeing other people!" Mother screamed her usual fusses while father would just stand there, ignoring her every word, but today was different.

"I'll take care of it then," Today was different, this time they would be rid of each other. But what is to become of me? 

The sound of the front door slammed shut and then all else was silent. 

Madeline uncovered her body from the heavy blanket as the start of her daily morning routine. She would place her glasses upon her little nose and tie up her long, brown curly hair until she was done dressing and applying her hygienal materials upon her body. She let her hair down before she picked up her backpack and her books.

When Madeline opened the front door, she had forgotten all about the famous student.  Every morning, she would isolate herself from outside noises by placing headphones over her head and exiting the world with soft piano music. So everything around her... did not exist. That statement shattered after the sound of her music faded away from just one removal.

"What the -- ?" Madeline looked to the ground to see if they had fallen, but they hadn't. It was Jack. He had taken the time to follow her just to take off her headphones, but why?



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