Endless Love

Who is he? Is it fate that he came here to Oaklan High out of any other town or city? Why is he here? A girl, who isolates herself from other people, is approached by the famous, new transfer student. Jack Orfen is quite the looker as for Madeline, she is locked up in fear of betryal and misfortune. Everyone thinks she's scary and rude, but that isn't the case here, Madeline is easily misunderstood. So what happens when Jack is the only one who who does and has never had anyone misunderstand him? How can he show compassion to someone who may never be able to trust again? This is just the beginning of their journey to what could end up to last in an endless love...


3. Love's Beginning

"Give them back!" Madeline growled.

It was only for a short second, but her heart skipped a beat when Jack became scarier than what she expected. His dark lashes made it hard to resist the heat in her bones. Now there was only silence as he began to circle her, then she snatched her headphones from him and walked away as if nothing happened.

"See you at school!" Jack called almost laughing at her.

"Whatever," She put her headphones back on keeping the volume lower than usual to listen for any footsteps creeping behind her, but it seemed like the person left walking in the opposite direction.

When Madeline reached the school, the campus was crowded with the usual groups that of which were divided into different categories. Before she entered through the front entrance, a burst of wind blew in her face causing her soft brown curls, that clung to her face, to blow in the winds direction and there showed her true features.

Her pale, white skin with a tiny show of a tan appeard from her neck and up. Her soft, blue eyes that caressed her dark, dialated pupils like waves being brushed by the wind, glimmered in the light. In the hall way was Jack staring with his eyes that widened in fright.

Madeline quickly fixes her hair and lowers her head as she passes him to get to her first period class.

"Take a seat class," Mrs. Remmi slammed her ruler against her desk and stood up straight up in an almost aligned position to the wall behind her, "Today I will be presenting a new student to our class, please welcome our new student as apart of your senior class,"

"It's him," Maggy whispered into another girls ear. On her desk laid Madeline's homework from the day she got knocked over by Jack. A sense of anger grew inside of her blood as she clenched the sleeve of her shirt.

"Hi, My name is -- ," Before he could finish to say his own name, the whole class -- well, the girls in the class -- screeched in excitement. His smile was crooked in a way that seemed like he wasn't too excited to be there, "Um, Jack Orfen,"

These girls were fantasizing a one in a lifetime romance with this star, but it seemed like Madeline was the only one not interested in this new transfer student.

"If you would like, pick any seat you want," Mrs. Remmi offered.

Jack looked around the room until he spotted Madeline. The desks around her was empty and available by two empty seats from each side. He smirks at his decision to sit next to the sleeping beauty next to the slightly opened window. The girls in the room scoffed with jealousy.

"Are you sure that's the seat of your choosing," The teacher stared at Madeline like an animal.

"Yes, is there a problem with that?" Jack placed his textbook on his desk and made himself comfortable next to Madeline's peaceful array. He was probably the first person to ever take in her sweet scent that seemed so unfamiliar, but calming, "Interesting,"


It seemed like a day that didn't happen to Madeline, a day full of nothing but sleep due to having slept at a later time. When the bell for lunch struck, Madeline went to the auditorium to chill out, but without realizing, Jack was right behind her. He sat in a seat above her where he could see her from the edge. 

Madeline was drawing something of a face, but he couldn't make out the figure from where he was. He smiles as he adores every moment of her movements. Her passion for draing triggered a feeling that slowly began to spark

"Shh -- I don't think anyone's here," It was Maggy sneaking into the back doors of the auditorium.

"There she is," One of the girls whispered, "I don't think she can hear us,"

Madeline, unaware of what might happen to her, was still drawing as the world around her was nothing but a black screen. These girls were going to plan something ruthless that invaolved having a pair of scissors in one hand and liquid glue in the other.

Jack, fully aware of the situation, rush down from the top floor and calmly approached them. 

"OMG it's Jack," Maggy quickly disarmed herself by quickly throwing them at her friends.

"What are you up to?" Jack gave them a playful look as the fright in her face turned redder and redder.

Maggy couldn't find an excuse to get out of her ruined situation. Then she leaped onto him unexpectedly, her slender arms holding him tight close to him. For the first time, he felt scared of getting caught, so his head automatically turned until he saw Madeline's eyes meet his as she left the auditorium from the back where Maggy came in and where they were standing around.

"Madel -- ," Maggy squeezed him tighter, then he gave up.

"Please don't like her, I would die if you went for someone as horrible as her," Maggy never let him go and Jack never forced her off him for he was in a state of fear. For the first time in his life, he felt something for this isolated girl. What could it be? What's attracting him more and more to her?


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