Endless Love

Who is he? Is it fate that he came here to Oaklan High out of any other town or city? Why is he here? A girl, who isolates herself from other people, is approached by the famous, new transfer student. Jack Orfen is quite the looker as for Madeline, she is locked up in fear of betryal and misfortune. Everyone thinks she's scary and rude, but that isn't the case here, Madeline is easily misunderstood. So what happens when Jack is the only one who who does and has never had anyone misunderstand him? How can he show compassion to someone who may never be able to trust again? This is just the beginning of their journey to what could end up to last in an endless love...


7. I Will Love You...

For a long moment, Jack held her in his arms until dark clouds rolled in over them, drenching them from the heavy rain it withheld. After finding shelter under a small bus station post, they were trapped under a glass awning together. Their hearts raced, but Madeline wasn't the type to give in to such temptations so easily.

Madeline's wet bangs covered her eyes that dripped from her check bones down her face in place of hiding her tears. Her arms were crossed over her chest to sustain the chill of the rain and the chill of her heart. Warmness captured her whole body and soul when Jack took off his jacket and placed them over Madeline's shoulders. She looked at his face for once and saw him portray a serious look.

"You didn't have to," Madeline started to pull at his jacket, but he stubbornly tied the sleeves from her shoulders so she couldn't easily take it off again.

"If you think I'm playing with you, I'm not," Jack began to shiver from the chill of the wind that slammed against his hard body. His face never changed, it remained serious which expressed more than anything that he was telling the truth.

The rain didn't seem to have a will to sustain itself as if fate brought them together in a moment of truce. Madeline stared out into the sky where large drops of rain made contact with her face. She began to wipe them away until Jack touched her face while wiping away the wetness from her eyes and neck. He looked into her eyes with a burning passion that Madeline had never expected herself to feel.

"Do you think I haven't noticed that you've been living in turmoil? Love would be the last thing you ever would have expected. You're first confession. A normal approach. I can bring you life of normality," He began to pull her closer into the warmth of his body as he stared passionately into her eyes, "I will show you what no man or woman could ever come to show you about what living is all about,"

Madeline felt she needed to step down to what she thought was pure, but her personality would never let her. She shook her head and stepped into the rain as she looked back at him.

"As you can see, this is the life I live and know. You live in the high and dry and I, a girl with no principle or desire, could never live in such a place as that. It's not where I belong," The true tears fell stealthily upon her cheeks as she spoke the words of dishonesty, "I don't even know you and I don't believe that this is the fate brought upon us. Fate is an excuse for those who believe in fairytale's as where I don't believe in happy endings. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is,"

Madeline took one more step back before the beaming lights and the sound of a large horn blared into her ears as she felt the water impale her skin like knives. Before she even realized her life before her eyes, she had fainted along the rain without knowing what had happened to her.


"Is she going to be okay? Nurse, answer me!" Faint sounds of two people arguing began to crescendo as Madeline slowly regained consciousness.

"Sir, I am going to need you to calm down. Her vitals seem to be okay, the doctor instructs that she gets the rest required to recover," The nurse walked away while closing the curtain behind her as she went to attend another patient.

Madeline began to open her eyes slowly only to be hit by the hospitals glimmering lights. Her eyes felt as though they were burning inside her and her heart felt like it was failing. It was almost like she was transitioning into something else. Something enormously deadly...

"What happened to me?" Madeline lifted herself up only to be greeted by the most infuriating pain from her neck, "What's going on!?"

As Jack began to turn towards Madeline, she felt the room reach an intense coolness that left her shivering behind the sheets. Madeline grew frightened as Jack's eyes began to swell and his iris fade into red. His empty, pale face drew a smile that clarified his every being. This supernatural being was standing there before Madeline and she hadn't the slightest clue whether or not she was in danger or protected...

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