Endless Love

Who is he? Is it fate that he came here to Oaklan High out of any other town or city? Why is he here? A girl, who isolates herself from other people, is approached by the famous, new transfer student. Jack Orfen is quite the looker as for Madeline, she is locked up in fear of betryal and misfortune. Everyone thinks she's scary and rude, but that isn't the case here, Madeline is easily misunderstood. So what happens when Jack is the only one who who does and has never had anyone misunderstand him? How can he show compassion to someone who may never be able to trust again? This is just the beginning of their journey to what could end up to last in an endless love...


4. Family Reunion

All plans of returning to the business postponed as Jack decided that it was time for him to discover the true parts of himself. He questions himself with no answer for which he strives to seem. Could Madeline be the one?

"You should have seen her face." Maggy taunted Madeline when she saw her passing by. 

"Madeline, wait," Jack chased after reaching for her arm and there she dropped her sketch book that opened on the page she was drawing on. Shock from the situation, she scurried for her book, but he had already had it in hand as he observed the figure in her drawing. It was an exact replica drawn of Jack.

"Give it back!" Madeline snatches her book back and runs out through the school exit. 

Jack stood there feeling a mixture of happiness and shock. There were things she was holding inside that wasn't so easily expressed by her. It was something he planned to help her with.

When everyone left the school, Madeline was supposedly the last to leave, but nonetheless, Jack had stayed behind to greet her. Madeline snuck out from the back thinking that no one would be there, but in truth, there was. Jack stood at the side of the building predicting her every move. While still trailing her moves, Madeline stopped in her tracks.

"Seriously Jack!?" Madeline turned around knowingly and met the eyes of her stalker. Jack stood there dazed, "Stop following me!"

"I'm not following you," He plays it off with a laugh and looks over her, "I'm just going home,"

Madeline took it when she realized that she had forgotten that they were both living across the street from one another. Madeline, feeling embarrassed, turned around and headed straight back to her current course, but only then did she decide to take another route someplace else. She turns her head slightly to see if he was still following her, but did not see any sign of him. 

"So much for thinking," Madeline shrugged her shoulders and carried on. 

"Stop right there!" As if things couldn't get any worse, it was Maggy and her gang ready to cause trouble. 

"What could you possibly want with a no life?" Madeline murmured and continued to walk forward as if nothing was even said or heard.

Madeline heard the rush of footsteps behind her which prepared her for impact. Knowing how fragile Miss. Maggy was made it all the more easy to counter attack her obvious moves.

"You pushed me, you low life scum!" Maggy pointed her finger at Madeline as the accusation line began.

"Oh, my bad, am I supposed to feel sorry?" Madeline rolled her eyes and gripped the straps of her backpack and carried on down the road, " As if I'd ever lay my precious fingers on that... thing,"


Before the sun set weary upon the horizon, Madeline stared hopelessly yearning for something that seemed so unreachable. It was impossible to touch the stars, to swing from a quarter moon, and to blaze like fire in the burning sun. It was just simply impossible. So never did Madeline doubt that there were things left impossible in the world, even to regain the energy she once had.

"Are you sure it's okay?" A young woman's voice came from down the stairs from the front door entrance. Madeline peeked out from her room to see who the woman was that looked to be escorted by a young man.

"Yes, of course," He said as he led her into the kitchen.

Madeline leaped down the stairs as quiet as a mouse and peered into the dark dining room where two silhouettes became one. When her mind felt ready, she flipped the switch and there she saw the man she thought she'd never see again.

"Is this how brothers return home now a days?" Madeline leaned into the kitchen door frame with one eyebrow pointed up towards the ceiling. Her brother, Brian, stood there with his arms around the girl in shock. The girl, looking disgusted, ran out of the house in disbelief.

"Look what you've done, Madeline!" Brian tossed himself away from the counter and glared deeply into the kitchen window.

"You still haven't buried your habit," Madeline rolled her eyes and turned around towards the stairs, "I wonder how long you'll keep lying to get what you want, but you will never fool me. So go back to your trash town and leave all of us alone!"

"Kids these days," He chuckled and ran his hand through his slick, black hair.

"You once were one," Madeline walked towards the stairs and glanced back at her destroyed brother and sighed with pity, "You have three days to leave, that's my only offer. Take it or leave it,"

"Whatever you say," Madeline walked up the stairs and the last thing she heard him say was, "Sis,"

"Goodnight, Brother," Madeline finally fell asleep after an hour of thinking and then entered a dream that would change her ways of thinking the next morning...

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