Endless Love

Who is he? Is it fate that he came here to Oaklan High out of any other town or city? Why is he here? A girl, who isolates herself from other people, is approached by the famous, new transfer student. Jack Orfen is quite the looker as for Madeline, she is locked up in fear of betryal and misfortune. Everyone thinks she's scary and rude, but that isn't the case here, Madeline is easily misunderstood. So what happens when Jack is the only one who who does and has never had anyone misunderstand him? How can he show compassion to someone who may never be able to trust again? This is just the beginning of their journey to what could end up to last in an endless love...


1. Her Breathless Beginning

"Is it too much to ask for just a simple copy of your homework?" Maggy, the class queen, tormented Madeline as she fixated her glasses back onto her nose from when Maggy pushed her aside, "I would like to dance around your grave one day,"

Sure enough it stung like a knife, but Madeline has built up her barriers beyond breaking down. There was no way anyone could ever bother her as much as when she was in the process of building up her careless ways. Making friends was impossible in her current state, but had it not been for the constant pressures of her peers, then there wouldn't have been a need for her isolation.

"Take upon me what you will, but I believe living may just be enough to cause you this much trouble," Madeline ran past her, but before she knew it, she had ran into something, or someone, that felt like a wall from the way her head impacted the object first. All of her papers and books fell to the floor and in an instant, she heard the curdling sounds of three girl laughing hysterically at her imprisoned fall.

"Talk about clumsy," Maggy retrieves Madeline's homework from the floor and smirks towards her, "I'll be taking this,"

"Hey, are you alright?" The voice placed its hand on Madeline's shoulder, but she just broke away from the gentle grasp.

Madeline grabs her things quickly and runs down the hallway to get to her next class, but she never noticed that she had dropped her diary as well. The voice, the sound of a boy. Rumor has it that there is anew transfer student attending Oaklan High School and that transfer student just might be the boy that she ran into.


"Where did it go?" Madeline searched her bag with her heart pounding almost as if it was pounding and ripping itself from her chest. She finally remembered not picking it from all the other stuff she dropped after she had fell, "Oh no, please don't tell me SHE has it!"

Madeline storms downstairs, but then here's the sound of her doorbell. Must be another order from my dad. She thought without much clarification, but then the doorbell rang again. Madeline decides to rush over to the door.

"Where do I sign?" She asks without looking at the person in her doorway. Her heart drops when her diary is the object being delivered to her. With much surprise, she grabs her diary without hesitation, then she looks up to the stranger. 

This guy, it was him... The new transfer student. His eyes were dark brown, but they were bright in the sunlights beams. His black, curly hair flopped around as the wind blew around like a fan set to 1 as the lowest breeze setting. Before Madeline was the start of something new...

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