Jeremy Ferguson is the newest student at LA Musical Arts High School. He is different from everybody except his friends and one teacher. Mr.Pitts. His friends call him Jinxx but everyone else calls Fagboy, When Jinxx is caught cursing out another student when Mt.Pitts walks in he is given a detention and must spend an hour with him. Will Jinxx fall for him or will he despise his school year because of him?


3. Kissing in Detention

I walked into the detention room and took a seat in the back. Mr.Pitts came in the room and sat at his desk. I looked around and saw I was the only one here. Shit. Mr.Pitts' hair looked amazing and he looked so attractive with the eyeliner he was wearing. Jinxx what the fuck is wrong with you're not gay! Am  I? I shook off that thought as Mr.Pitts spoke, "So Jeremy, you think it's funny to tell  a student fuck you?" 

"First off it's Jinxx, and he was trying to kill me!" I yelled standing up in my seat. 

"Sit Mr.Ferguson! I don't care if it was self defence or not you do not swear in my classroom!" He yelled walking towards me. Damn his ass was fine! JINXX STOP IT! He smirked, "Unless you would like to spend some quality time with me."

"Um am I supposed to be scared or something?" I said snotty. He slammed his hands on my desk. I jumped a little.

"I don't know should you?" His smile made something in me snapped and I did something I will never forget. I kissed him. He was shocked but then he kissed back. His tongue slid across my bottom lip and I gasped a little. He slid his tongue in my mouth,  exploring it intently. His hand went to the back of my neck, deepening the kiss. He pulled away when we both needed air. I wanted more though.

"This is what Andy meant," I whispered. 

"What Andy meant about what?" 

"Kissing a man. It felt amazing!" I exclaimed. Mr.Pitts smiled then realized something. 

"Jinxx we can't do that again!" 

"W-why? Did you not like it?" I said, feeling tears well up in my eyes. I looked down but Mr.Pitts lifted my head back up. 

"I  did, but we can't because if someone sees I'll get fired," he said cupping my face with his hands. He kissed my forehead, "You understand right?" I nodded,"Good," He walked away and sat on the desk. I took my phone out and texted Andy. 

Remember when you said you felt alive with guys like Ash?-Jinxx

Yes Why?-Andy

I know what that's like now ;)-Jinxx 


I wish! I just kissed him but he said we can't do it again :'(- Jinxx 

I spent the rest of my time in detention wanting more of Mr.Pitts

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