Jeremy Ferguson is the newest student at LA Musical Arts High School. He is different from everybody except his friends and one teacher. Mr.Pitts. His friends call him Jinxx but everyone else calls Fagboy, When Jinxx is caught cursing out another student when Mt.Pitts walks in he is given a detention and must spend an hour with him. Will Jinxx fall for him or will he despise his school year because of him?


1. First day of school

My alarm rang in my ears. It was King for a Day by Pierce the Veil and Kellin Quinn. I shut it off and sat up in my bed. I looked at my guitar over on the floor. It said my name and had a Ouija board design. It was my pride and soul and I had to take it to school with me. Dear god. 

I got out the bed and got in the shower. The hot water felt amazing on my short and small frame. I got out and threw on a Batman tee (Andy bought it for me and I only wore because he was one of my best friends) black jeans and some converse.  I went to the bathroom to dry my hair. This took 20 minutes. (Having long hair is a curse and a blessing) I put on some black eyeliner and ran downstairs. 

I saw my Dad drinking a cup of coffee, "Morning dad!" I said. 

"Morning Jeremy! Ready for school?" He asked with his jolly attitude. I nodded. He smiled and tossed me an apple. I bit into it and ran upstairs to get my guitar. I put it in the case and grabbed my car keys and phone. I ran downstairs and went to my car.  I drove off to school.

I walked in the school and was greeted by CC tackling me, "Ceece get off Jinxx!" Andy and Ashley said pulling him off me. I laughed. I got up and hugged them all. These guys were my best friends and brothers. 

"I see you're wearing the shirt I gave you!"  Andy said leaning back into Ash's arms.( CC and I were the only ones who weren't gay in our group) I nodded. He giggled as Ashley kissed his neck. 

"Where's it at Jinxx?" CC asked. 

"Where's what?" I said confused. 

"Your guitar!" He yelled excited. I pulled it out from my case. CC ooed in amazement. We walked to my locker and I put my stuff in it. The bell rang. We all had Improv together. Andy squealed in excitement. I laughed. We all sat in the back off the class and texted during class. 

Jinxx have you seen the Guitar teacher?- Andy

No I haven't why?-Jinxx

HE'S HOTT H-O-T-T! -Andy

You have a boyfriend! XD- Jinxx

Yeah Andy!-Ashley

Sorry baby! I love you my beautiful boyfriend of 2 years!-Andy

I love you too!- Ashley


OMFG LOL!- Ashley,Andy,and Jinxx 

After class I had guitar lessons. I went to the room and spotted someone I never thought I'd see again. My enemy Karl. He immediately recognized me! He pushed against the wall and laughed evilly, "Hello Jeremy! Miss me?" 

"Fuck you!" I said. I heard someone clear their throat and saw our guitar teacher. Andy was right he is hott! What did I just say? He gave me a detention slip and we sat back in our seats. I couldn't help but feel he was starring at me the entire class. Weird.



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