Jeremy Ferguson is the newest student at LA Musical Arts High School. He is different from everybody except his friends and one teacher. Mr.Pitts. His friends call him Jinxx but everyone else calls Fagboy, When Jinxx is caught cursing out another student when Mt.Pitts walks in he is given a detention and must spend an hour with him. Will Jinxx fall for him or will he despise his school year because of him?


2. Andy and Ash forever

I walked out of class and saw Andy sitting by his locker crying, "Andy!" I said running to him. I kneeled next to him and lifted his chin up, "What's wrong buddy?" I asked him looking into his deep blue eyes. 

"As-Ashley's dad wants us to b-break up!" He sobbed. I picked him up in my arms and carried him to the bathroom. I sat him on the counter. He put his face in his hands. 

"Andy, I need you to calm down and tell me why," I said softly. He looked up and sighed. 

"Ok, Ashley's father doesn't like me or the fact that his son is gay so he wants me and Ash to break up, but I don't want to. He's also threatening Ash that he will kill me if he doesn't. So Ash doesn't want me getting hurt so he broke up with me!" He took a deep breath. 

"I'll take care of this my tall friend!" I said pulling out my phone. As i went to unlock it I noticed red marks on Andy's wrists, "Andy why?"  I asked him, taking his hand in mine and showing the cuts.

"I'm sorry Jinxx!" He sobbed. He was crying again. I called Ash.


"Come the bathroom in the back hall now!" I yelled into the phone. I was pissed. 

About five minutes later Ash joined us. I pushed him against the wall and Andy pulled me back, "Don't hurt him!" 

"Do you know what you fucking did?" I screamed. I pulled Andy to him by the wrist. He cried out in pain. I showed Ashley the cuts. 

"A-Andy w-why?" He said a tear falling from his eye. He broke down and started sobbing. 

"You broke up with me, even though we both love each other. Why?" Andy asked tears rushing down his face. 

"I didn't want you hurt baby," Ash said bringing Andy into his embrace, "I didn't want to find the love of my life dead because of my father. I'd rather die than be without you." He kissed his forehead. 

"Don't leave me Ashley. Please don't," Andy begged, "I can't function without you." He cried softly against his chest, "I've lost it all, I can't lose you too," 

"I know baby boy, I know," Ash cooed. Andy sobbed loudly now thinking about how he lost his parents last year, "I don't care what my asshole father says,  I love you Andrew and that's all that matters."

"R-really?" Andy asked. Ash nodded. I choked up a little.  They were so cute together and I wish I had someone like that. Someone to hold me when I upset and to calm me down when I cry. I realize now that I'm lonely. 

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