Au clair de la lune

June Gray is just your ordinary girl who goes to an ordinary school and lives an ordinary life. Oh! And she doesn't believe in the supernatural. Then one day at her book club she starts hearing noises and when she goes to check, there's no one there. Is it just in her imagination or was she wrong all along?


3. Chapter 3

The moon. Book club. Kids dancing. Chalk moon. Did last night really happen? I didn't believe it. I didn't ​want to believe it.

But everything had seemed so real. How could it not have been?

I thought about those kids, all of those innocent little kids that just disappeared. I didn't understand. What was she trying to do and what was meant to happen?

Hundreds of question filled my mind as I focused on thinking of someone I could tell; someone I could confide in. Mum? No. We all know the parents never believe their kids. I guess that meant my dad was off the list too. Friends? No way! The last thing I would want is for my friends to think I'm some kind of maniac that still has imaginary friends or something. That only left my Aunt Helen and my Grandma Nel. My Aunt was a great listener and would believe me but my parents strongly disliked her for some reason - though they never shared it with me - and wouldn't approve of me visiting her unless it was a "special occasion". 

My Grandma, however, was perfect. She was a great listener, my parents loved her, and she would definitely believe me.

I dived for my phone, currently on charge by the windowsill and tapped "phone", then "Gran".

It rang. It kept ringing. It was still ringing.

Just when I was about to end the call, she answered it.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Grandma Nel! Hi!"

"June! How are you, dear?"

"Everything's great, Gran! But..."

"But what? June, is everything alright? What happened?" The concern started growing.

"There's something I need to talk to you about. Are you home?" I tried not to get her too worried but there was no hiding the urgency in my voice.

"Sure, why don't you come over and we can talk."

"Thanks, Gran. I'll be there in 5."

* * *

The bus ride from my house to Gran's wasn't all that long. In fact, we were only 2 streets apart.

She was waiting for me at the door.

Gran led me in, we sat at the table while she handed me a cup of tea.

"June. What's wrong?"

"I... I just don't know where to start. It's all just so confusing and shocking."

"June. Breathe. Calm down. Now, start from the beginning."

"Well, I was at school when..."

She sat and listened throughout the whole story.

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