Au clair de la lune

June Gray is just your ordinary girl who goes to an ordinary school and lives an ordinary life. Oh! And she doesn't believe in the supernatural. Then one day at her book club she starts hearing noises and when she goes to check, there's no one there. Is it just in her imagination or was she wrong all along?


2. Chapter 2

Dozens of children - some of which I recognised from Westbrook High - danced around a chalk drawing on the floor. It looked like an attempt of the moon. One girl stood at the side, every so often yelling out to a person to; "hurry up" or "be more enthusiastic", and sometimes even, "pull your pants up before someone gives you a wedgie!"

My mouth gaped open. For the time I stood there like that, it felt like aeons. Then I remembered to go back to book club.

Mrs Goldwin was not happy.

"Found what you were looking for?" she asked, looking cross with her arms folded and permanent frown.

"I'm sorry I took so long but I..." It was hard to explain considering I was still unsure myself of what I'd seen. What had I seen?

She lifted her brow.

I heard somebody - probably Adam - say something like "I'd like to hear this myself."


"I don't know, Miss. It was just a bunch of kids running around in circles and singing weird songs - it looked like some kind of ritual." I explained.

She nodded considerately.

"It's probably the drama club-" Jeff said.

"But drama club isn't on today. Remember? Tuesdays only? Today is Wednesday." Amber was an extreme nerd/clever-clogs/know it all. She had 2 friends (who looked like they preferred to study than hang out with her). A "dictionary", they called her. "A lifetime supply of knowledge".

"Oh. But maybe they're just having an extra rehearsal for the play they have to perfo-"

"Just shut up, Jeff."

I shook my head and tutted. What was with today's generation? I mean, if they just put down their pens and revision guides and just chilled. Brainiacs were overrated these days. We needed more dumb kids; less book clubs. Less clubs altogether and more chilling at home. Yes, that's what they needed.

For the next 45 minutes left of book club, I felt like I could die. I never knew 45 minutes could feel like 4500 years! I felt like I'd already lived through forever. If eternity felt like anything, it would be this.

​At 5:30, we were finally allowed to go.

Nobody else took the back entrance but me. The same scene from before was still happening, except now it seemed way more intense. Like a movie reaching the climax. 

Now the chalk drawing was glowing. The atmosphere grew intense. The kids froze every few seconds, pointed from the chalk drawing to the actual moon, then back to the chalk drawing. The girl screamed louder now, the weird group of teens stomping harder. The moon began glowing - not the chalk drawing, no. The actual moon was glowing! I couldn't believe my eyes.

The excitement on her face grew, just as the moon glowed, more and more, brighter and brighter.

The light grew brighter till it was too bright to look at. I shielded my eyes with my hands as the white exploded around me.

My heart skipped a beat. The world moved in slow motion for me. My entire life flashed before my eyes. As I moved my hands away, everything went back to normal. The girl turned from excited to disappointed. Her eyes watered up. Another failure, her expression seemed to say.

I had no idea what was going on. I realised, that is, what went wrong. All of the pupils that had been dancing here only moments ago were no longer there. The chalk drawing remained on the floor but it was no longer noticeable in the dark, dull even and had stopped glowing.

The girl saw me and held my stare for a moment, then turned and ran.

"Wait!" I yelled after her but it was of no use.

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