Remember me when I'm gone

All Grace wants is for everyone to be happy


4. Third month in

I put my diary back down and hid it in my beside drawers. I tiptoed to the ward door again and peaked out, no nurses were around this time-well I couldn't see anyone anyway. I tiptoed to that man I saw trash the trolly tray, his ward room and sneaked in. There was no other people in the ward only him, right at the end of the room with the curtains drawn across. I sneaked up to the curtains and cleared my throat before I could speak "um...Hello?" I said as clearly as I could "who's there?" snapped the man "I'm reading, go away" "I've come to help" I said "I know what you're going through" he didn't anwser me so, I took the plunge and draw the curtains apart and stepped in "who are you?" he gasped "get out of here"  "I'm Grace" I said "I've just come to help or maybe we can talk, that's all" "I said go away" he said raising his voice "I don't know you, now leave me alone" "I just want to talk" I said suddenly he slammed his book down on his bed, I looked at his book it was full of carton pictures with no writing. But before I could ask anything else, he started to rip the pages out of his book rolled them up in his fists and throw them at me "GET OUT" he screamed as I was trying to dodge the balls of paper being thrown at me for no reason "GET OUT OF MY ROOM, GET OUT" I tried to run out there as fast as I could, but the man must have pressed the panic button or something because a male and female nurse suddenly marched in and I bumped into them. The male nurse went to calm the man down and the female nurse just shook her head and said "Grace. not again" and led me back to my own ward without saying anything else to me. As the nurse helped me back into bed I asked her "can that man read?" "we can't talk about his personal matters with people who don't know him" she said "now please stay out of his ward from now on" "ok" I said "I'm sorry" then the nurse walked away.

The next few days, seemed like a lifetime being in this stupid-stuffy Hospital. The nurses even grassed me up to my mother about me, thinking I knew the truth and scaring that man. "It's all lies" I said as mum asked me about it "if anyone should have been scared, it should have been me-not that man" "the nurse told me, you made him cry, Grace" said mum "Oh come off it" I said "he's a grown man, how can I make him cry?" "you do know he's, well not right?" said mum "don't you?" "how bad can he be?" I said "he's not as young as me, he's a grown man" "he still has the same as you" snapped my mother, sharply. "I know" I said quietly "but I don't want think about it, I don't want us to be known as the dying ones" mum sat down next to me on the bed and put her arm around me, as tears rolled down my cheeks "I'm not scared" I told her "scared of what?" she said, acting dumb "I'm not scared of dying" "then why are you crying?" she asked, gently "because I'm scared of leaving you behind" I cried. Mum hugged me as we both cried.

Dear Diary

I'm finally let out of this Hospital that I've been in in for one whole month. Since I found out the truth. I only have two months left to live and I have to make the most of it. To say sorry to that man and because I was feeling pretty guilty for upsetting him. I found some paper and coloured pens fron the nurses's desk-and by that I mean I nicked them-I'm sure they won't mind. They will understand when they know what I've done. I draw Mikey and Minnie mouse and coloured them in the right colours and on the back I wrote "to the man in his only ward room, this is to cheer you up and to say sorry. From Grace Howell.Take care. Then I made sure the coast was clear then I sneaked into his ward room again, but this time he wasn't there. So, I quickly ran up to his bed-put the sheet of paper under his pillow and ran back out again-without being caught this time. I know that man can't read, but I'm sure he will love the pictures I drew for him and the nurses can always read the writing for him. Because I won't be here, I'm finally going home...


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