Remember me when I'm gone

All Grace wants is for everyone to be happy


3. Second month in

I closed my diary and listened to the quiet around me. No sound from anywhere, I guess everyone must be asleep already? I listened to my own breathing, I watched as my chest went up and down slowly up and down, up and down. I pushed my chest and body outwards. I wonder how the blood rushes around my body, how the blood rushes though the hole in my heart? Then I fell asleep.

The next day, I was woken up early by the sound of big loud crash outside the ward room I am in. I got out of bed and tiptoed to the door and peaked out.  A nurse was picking up trays and cups and putting them back on her trolly tray. A grown man stood in front of her, crying his eyes out. The nurse put her arm around him and told him to calm down, he'll get better soon "no, I won't" he cried then I realized by his voice he's backwards. "I have a hole in my heart" he cried "I'm dying" the nurse tried calming him down again and this time he did calm down "I'm sorry I trashed the tray" he sobbed the nurse said it was ok and led him back to his own room.

Poor guy, I might try and talk to him later if he lets me! Suddenly I heard my name being mentioned by two nurses talking by the desk, I ran to a wall and hid behind it before they could even see me. "Does Miss Howell know about her daughter's lifespan?" asked one of the nurses "yes, she does" said the other nurse "we told her" "it's so sad that a young girl, like Grace will die in a couple of short months" said the one nurse "it was six months" said the other nurse, sadly "but now it's only five" I tried to run back to my ward as fast as possile, but one of the nurses spotted me "Grace?" she said but I carried on running and gasping for breath "you souldn't be out of bed, you need rest" said the nurse starting to run after me. Suddenly I crashed into something soft  I looked up and Iwrin stood in front of me, the nurse finally caught up. "Grace?" she puffed putting her hand on my shoulder "go back to bed and please stay there this time, come on lets go" "wait" said Iwrin "I'll take her" "do you know her?" she asked "yes" I said quickly "he's my best friend" the nurse huffed and puffed, like an old bag but said ok go. Iwrin took me back to my ward and tried to help me into bed but I pushed him away. "Don't try and help me" I said "you lied to me" "how did I?" he asked "you know how" I said "too well" "Grace, I have no idea what you're on about" "you lied to me, you said I'll be better soon-but I'm not am I? Because I'm going to die soon" "I'm sorry, Grace!" he said "save it" I said "I don't want to hear it, just leave me alone" "how can I help you?" asked Iwrin, not getting my hint JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed at him. He jumped back in shock "fine" he said "if that's what you want, then fine" and he walked away with his hands in his jean pockets. I got into bed and grabbed my diary and pen...

Dear Diary

So, that's it I'm going to die and quicker then I thought. I only have five months to live, the nurse said it was six months but now it's only five. But still I am not scared of dying...

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