Remember me when I'm gone

All Grace wants is for everyone to be happy


1. Grace

Hi I'm Grace and I have six months to live. I remember the day when my mother and me were rushing across the road to the busy Hospital doors, being careful not to be hit by zooming cars rushing fowards. Mum even grabbed my hand before I could pull it away. We rushed into the Hospital and mum pulled me sharply to the doctor's desk, mum mumbled something about seeing someone and the nurse nodded "Grace Howell?" she said "yes" said mum "take a seat in the waiting area please and someone will be with you shortly" smiled the nurse so, mum pulled me away and we walked into the waiting area. It was childish, with Mikey mouse, goofy and Donald duck painted on the walls and children's toys stacked in the corner there was even a dull pink toy kitchen set with pretend food. Mum saw me staring and nudged me "stop staring" she hissed "I think you're next" and sure enough she was right "Grace Howell?" asked a nurse steping out of a side room holding a clipboard. Mum stood up quick as a flash "quick, that's us" she said "come on" who else would she be calling? I thought it's only us here. But as we were leaving I noticed a boy about my age with his mother step into the waiting room and take a seat. Mum told the nurse that I was complaining of chest pain and I couldn't run very far because I got out of breath quickly. The nurse took my blood pressure and that was fine, then she stuck sticky pads all over my arms, legs and body and took a heart scan. When that was over the nurse asked to speak to mum alone in private and they went outside the room and talked. I tried to hear what they were saying but I couldn't make it out. Then mum came back in, she looked like she'd been crying "what's wrong, mum?" I asked but she didn't answer she just said "come on, it's time to go" I will find out the truth sooner or later, you mark my words.

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