Remember me when I'm gone

All Grace wants is for everyone to be happy


5. Fourth month in

Dear Diary

I'm home!!! As soon as I stepped indoors, nothing had changed just the same old house that I was used to and loved...I walked upstairs and went into my bedroom, I sat down on my bed. It was good to be finally let out of that Hospital but still there was no way I could forget...Iwrin has been great even though that day I finally snapped at him, he didn't visit me for two days. Those two days were the worst of my life because when my mother goes home to get washed and dressed and whatever else. Iwrin usually stayed behind, sitting beside my bed talking to me. But when he wasn't there, I cried well into the night and even myself to sleep because-without him by my side. I had nobody else to speak to. That's why I was so happy, that after two days he arrived walking into my ward with his black hoodie on and his hands plunged into his dark blue jean pockets. I was so happy, I jumped out of bed and ran up to him and hugged and kissed him all over his face. He was taken aback and shocked to the core, but he soon got over it and hugged me back "Oh, Grace!" he teased "I didn't know you cared-well I guess you missed me then" even mum was pleased to see him back...

"GRACE?" shouted mum up the stairs "IWRIN IS HERE TO SEE YOU" "THEN SEND HIM UP" I called back. Iwrin's footsteps came thunding up the stairs, I sprayed my bedroom quickly with Impusle body spray-then I was confused to why I'd done it-after all it was only Iwrin. Iwrin knocked on my bedroom door "Grace!" he said "can I come in?" "sure" I said. Iwrin opened my door and stepped and almost straightaway he started sniffing around "are you wearing perfume?" he asked "it smells nice in here" I smiled a stupid grin "how are you doing?" I asked him "are you doing anything today?" "why?" he asked "what do you want?" "well nothing much" I teased "it's just, well there's a few things I want to do before I die and I sort of have a list and well I was wondering if you could..." "no" he said before I could finish "I'm not helping you get yourself into trouble, no" "but, Iwrin" I said "I have to do this" "why?" he said "why do you have to do this" "you know why" I said "because I only have two months left to live" "how do you know that?" he asked "how do I know what?" I said "how do you know you only have two months left to live" he said "because I listened in on nurses talking at the Hospital" I said "Oh, Grace" he signed "what?" I said "nobody else was going to tell me truth so, I had to find it out from somewhere" he signed the biggest sign ever "show me your list" he said "I'll help you" "really?" I said, I stood up from my bed and hugged him "Oh, thank you-Iwrin!" I said "thank you so much" as we looked at my list of ten things to do before I died. Number one was first kiss. Iwrin looked deep into my eyes and I felt myself go to jelly, then he kissed me right there and now. I almost fainted when he at last he took his lips away from me. Number two on my list was learn to ride a moterbike. "Are you serious?" he asked and I nodded "well, let's go over to my house" he said "I have a moterbike in my shed" "why don't you use it?" I asked "I've had it for ages" he said "but I never got around to using it, but now I can-come on let's go" so, we walked down stairs and told mam we were going over to Iwrin's house and went outside.

Iwrin's house wasn't very big, it was kind of small. A bossy, looking woman stood in the open doorway-staring at us as we walked down the path towards his house. "Iwrin!" she said, as soon we reached his garden gate "who is this?" "mum, it's Grace" he said opening the gate and us stepping in "you remember Grace, right?" his mother didn't say anything, she just said "Hmm, don't forget to close the gate behind you" then she walked away in a huff. "Oh" I said to Iwrin "I don't think your mother likes me" "don't be silly" he said "my mum likes everyone I am friends with, let me show you that moterbike" so, Iwrin led me to the garden shed in his back garden. There was a key dangling out of the shed door and Iwrin unlocked the shed and stepped inside. He took a white sheet of a rusty, old red moterbike and I started having a coughing fit because of the dust, "are you ok?" asked Iwrin "do you need a drink of water?" "yes please" I coughed "go through to the kitchen" he said "my mum won't mind" so, I walked into the kitchen and started to run the tap as I looked for a cup. When I found one on the draining board, I was filling it up when I heard footsteps coming up from behind me. I turned off the tap and turned around and Iwrin's mum stood in front of me "where's Iwrin?" she asked "he's in the shed" I said drinking my cup of water "then why are you here?" she said "I came to get some water" I said putting the cup down "who said you can use my sink?" she went on "Oh, sorry" I said "but Iwrin said you wouldn't mind" "well Iwrin is wrong" she said "Oh, ok" I said "I'll just leave" "I think that would be best" she said as I started to walk away. "Iwrin shouldn't bother  with your kind anyway" she said, making me stop in my tracks and turn back around to face her "my kind?" I asked her "yes" she said "when he stayed half the night with you at the Hospital, I was worried sick I didn't know where he'd gone" "I'm sorry" I said "just leave him alone" she said "he doesn't need your kind in his life" "and what is my kind exactly?" I asked "you know" she said "the dying ones" tears started prickling my eyes, but I didn't want that mean-old bag to see me cry. So, I just ran out and into the shed. Iwrin put his hand on the rusty  old moterbike seat and patted it "are you ready to learn?" he smiled then his smile dropped when he saw that I was crying "Grace!" he said "are you ok?"

Dear Diary

I told Iwrin what his mother had said to me " she actually said that" he said "the dying ones?" and I nodded as tears spilled down my cheeks. Iwrin said he would have a word with her. I did change my mind at first about the moterbike but Iwrin wasn't pleased with that idea because he spent all day fixing it. So, I agreed to give it a go, just to see Iwrin smile for I don't know why. It was a great feeling being on that moterbike, first of all to get me started I sat behind Iwrin and held him around his waist. Iwrin even had matching helmets, he couldn't find them at first and thought someone had sneaked into the garden and nicked them. But when he looked top to bottom of the shed he found them stacked in a corner. My hair was flying out from under my helmet as we sped across the lanes. Then Iwrin taught me how to ride the moterbike in a enclosed spot so, I wouldn't get lost. It was great fun and I learned a new hobby. "What's next on that list of yours?" said Iwrin reaching for my list. Number three learn how to ski. "Are you sure?" he asked and I nodded "ok" he said "let's go" we went to the local beach and people sking and riding the waves. Iwrin asked the man with a whistle around his neck and watching the people in the water, like hawks. "Hi" said I wrin to the man "are you in charge of this sking class?" "sking class?" I said "yes" said Iwrin "didn't you know, there's a sking class every weekend" "I knew" I said "but I forgot" I didn't think about it-but every weekend our local beach ran a sking class-how could I forget? "yes, that's me" said the man "why, who are you and what do you want?" "well, my friend here wants to take up sking and she was wondering if she could..." "ok" said the man before Iwrin could finish what he was saying "she's on, what's your name?" the man asked me "Grace" I said. The man learnt me how to strap my feet in on the board so, I wouldn't fall off then he taught me how to ride the waves with the rest of the people looking out for me because I was the youngest of the group. Iwrin asked the man before I went on my board does he want to know anything about me before he lets me ski and the man said "no thanks, I'm always looking for new people to ski-so she came along at the right time" I loved sking, feeling the waves of water splashing around me-I felt so free like I could do anything I wanted. 

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