Remember me when I'm gone

All Grace wants is for everyone to be happy


6. Fifth month in

Dear Diary

I can't believe I only have one month left to live, actually I can believe it but I just don't want to think about it. Iwrin has been such a great friend, I honestly wouldn't know what I have done without him by my side. He was always reaching for my list to see what was next on it. Number four was quite easy to do according for Iwrin to teach me, it was how to learn the time-because I never got the hang of it in School. It only took half the day to learn how to tell the time. Iwrin taught me where the big and little hands go on a clock. He did teach me well-but I still got confused now and again. So, number four was quite easy-then came number five on my list, it was learn how to ride a horse. Iwrin took me to the horse rally rack. I was paired up with this short, white horse with a brown mane and tail. I looked into his dark, black eyes and  smiled. The horse's name was Sparkles and I was told by this one girl, standing next to me stroking and petting her own black horse with light-brown mane and tail. That Sparkles was the best of the bunch along with her Mr Snuggles of course. Sparkles and Snuggles had won lots of races together and they were both quick enough to jump over fences. I was paired up with the right horse, so says Leanna-the name of the girl that was standing next to me. Soon it was time to ride the horses, Iwrin had help me onto my horse. Leanna was a pro, she got on her horse quick as flash. She rode Mr Snuggles away from me but not beforehand she shouted "BYE GRACE! SEE YOU" I didn't have the heart to tell her that she would never see me again. Riding Sparkles was great fun and he was such a well-behaved horse. I was in the enclosed spot with white fences going around it-kind of like a big circle. Iwrin watched me from the fences. Soon Sparkles was getting a bit tired so, I had to let him go back to his barn. I fed him a carrot then I gave him one last storke and a hug-then I had to leave the rally rack...

As me and Iwrin were walking back to my house, he asked me what was number six on my list. I dug in my pocket and fished out my list and gave it to him "say Goodbye to my teacher" he read "let's go back to School then" he said and we turned back around and walked to the way of the School. It was so strange to see the School playground, since I was told about my condition five months ago-I hadn't been to School since. Mum must have told my teachers about my condition and I can just bet my teachers turned to the whole class and said "I'm sorry to say this, but Grace Howell is dying from a hole in her heart" well they may have not said it like that-but something along those lines. Something must have been said because as soon as people saw me and Iwrin walk in through the School gates, they all stopped and stared. Some strangers I've never met before, boys and girls-all came running up to me asking me how I was doing they all even seemed to know my name without me telling them. "So, who's your teacher?" asked Iwrin-as the School bell went and everyone rushed inside to go to their lessons. "His name is Mr Walkins" I said "he teaches Maths" "let's go and find him then" said Iwrin as we went inside the School. We walked down corridor after corridor looking at classrom notices on doors, so far we couldn't find the right teacher-first we found a name which sounded like him but as we looked closer we realized it said Mr Walkins and he didn't even teach Maths. We thought he'd quit or got sacked, but then we saw another corridor and went down it. Soon a man teacher was stepping out of a room, when he looked up and spotted us. "Grace?" he said, sounding shocked to see me for some reason "Grace Howell, is that really you?" "Mr Walkins?" I said "yes" he said "how have you been, Grace?" he asked, leading me and Iwrin into a side room. We all sat down on big, comfy chairs "what brings you back here, Grace?" he asked "everything alright at home-I hope" "I've come to say Goodbye" I said quiety "Goodbye?" he said, rather confused "yes" I said looking on him "you've been the best teacher I could ever have, but...I'm dying in a month's time" he didn't say anything-he just sat back in his chair "how?" he asked finally "don't you know?" asked Iwrin "well nobody tells me anything around here" said Mr Walkins, Iwrin waited for me to talk but I just couldn't so, Iwrin spoke for me "I'll tell you how" he said "she's dying because she has a hole in her heart" "Oh, I'm sorry-Grace!" said Mr Walkins getting up and hugging me "stay strong" then he turned to Iwrin "look after her" he told him. Soon we left the School but not before I gave a letter to Mr Walkins explaining to him, how much I'll miss him when I'm gone and how much he was truly the best teacher I ever had. Number seven on my list made Iwrin pleased for some reason, it was to go on a date. Iwrin said he would take me out somewhere secret that night, but didn't say where. I got dressed up in my best light, blue jeans and my best light, green top with a Golden bird on it-that mum bought for me as a gift to cheer me up for when I was in Hospital. When Iwrin arrived at my house he said I looked beauitful and so did he, dressed in a smart, black suit. He took me down town to the Secret Rock place, I've always wanted to go to. How did he know? I guess mum told him. We sat at a table, Iwrin pulling out a chair for me. We ordered our meals and waited. "How did you know I always wanted to go to this place?" I said "because I listen to what you want" he said "you are such a good friend" I said "I'm glad your in my life" that date was the best and it was my first ever date. Who knew Iwrin could be so much fun? The food was great too. Number eight on my list, was learn how to swim. Iwrin was a great swimmer and couldn't wait to teach me. He took me to the local swimming baths. As we both got undressed in our swimwear in the boys and girls changing rooms. We both giggled as the cold shower hit us as we ran into the swimming area. I looked up and saw a big, tall man sitting on a big high seat-the lifeguard. Iwrin took me into the swallow end I grabbed a pair of red armbands. It wasn't so bad in the swimming pool with Iwrin teaching me and watching my every move in case I fell. Soon enough I could swim on my own, but I still wanted Iwrin to teach me. I was a very fast learner.

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