How To Be A Heartbreaker

Rule One, you gotta have fun. Rule Two, don't get attached to someone you might lose. Rule Three, wear your heart on your cheek, not your sleeve. Rule Four, you gotta look pure.
But what happens when two heartbreakers go after one another?
∞ A Harry Styles fan fiction ∞


1. Chapter 1 ♥️

( Sierra's P.O.V )

My name's Sierra Anne Smith, i'm 19 years old.. and i'm a teenage heartbreaker. I take pleasure in making boys fall in love with me, and just leaving them.. heartbroken.

"Hey babe." Jeffrey walked into my dorm room.

Jeffrey and I have been going out for two weeks, and i'm going to leave him pretty soon. For you know.. someone better.

"Hey." I kissed him on the lips.

"What class do you have first baby?"

"Um, I think Spanish 2."

"Okay, get dressed and i'll walk you there." He smiled.

He kissed my forehead and left outside the door for me. Jeffrey was such a gentleman and really sweet.. he was very tall copmpared to me. He had grey eyes, light brown hair that was always put up, and this one hidden adorable dimple.

I walked up to my closet, and picked out an outfit. I put on some black leggings, a navy blue aeropastle hoodie and some matching navy blue toms. Once I was dressed, I headed to the bathroom and straightened my hair, brushed my teeth, and applied a bit of mascara on.

I opened up my dorm door and saw Jeffrey smiling towards me.

"Your so beautiful." He cupped my face with his large hand.

"Thanks.." I fake blushed.

He kissed my lips roughly and pushed me gently against my door.

"Do you really have to go to class? Cause.. I have something better in mind." He winked at me.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" I bit my lip.

"I can show you better then I can tell you."

I opened my door, and walked in while he shut the door behind me. I lifted my hoodie up, as well as my shirt to reveal my red laced bra. I chucked them to the floor, leaving me in only my leggings and chucks. Jeffrey tossed his shirt off, and pulled my waist into his. Bringing him towards my bed, I pushed him back gently onto the bed, and stradled him. I made my fingers walk up his abs and he bit his lip on pleasure. Bringing myself closer to his face, I started to leave a trail of wet kisses on his neck down to his stomach. I stuck my two fingers into the waistband of his sweats, I slipped my hand on top of his hardness and squeezed gently. He moaned and I could feel him beomce harder by the second.

"I want you Sierra, right now.." He said seductively.

I started to jerk him off a bit, until I thought that enough was enough. Moving myself away from him, I could see his face become confused.

"What's the matter Sierra?" He asked while sitting up from the bed.

I ignored his question and put my shirt and hoodie back on. He got up and came closer to me and out his hand up to my cheek.

"Babe, tell me what's the matter?"

"We're done. Goodbye Jeffrey." I blew him a kiss and walked out.

"Wait, done as in what?" He asked from a distance.

"Broken up dumbass!" I yelled.

I slammed the door and headed off to my class.

Misson = Complete.

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