The Red Brick Road

You've all heard of the famous yellow brick road that takes Dorothy to this wonderful place that is the Wizard's castle, but if you look over the movie again, you will see a red brick road, intertwined with the yellow brick road, just waiting to be noticed. What will happen when Anara, a fifteen year old girl who loves a good adventure, follows the red brick road? Maybe some aspects of oz aren't as good as they seem...............


2. The roads

As I sat in the middle of a city that had been turned completely to ash and dust, I told myself I had to be dreaming. This was as impossible as things could get. I had dreamed my whole childhood of going to Oz, and now I get to, and it's destroyed? I had no idea what to do next. I wanted to wake up from this weird dream. Lost in my thoughts, I rubbed some of the ashes between my fingers. Suddenly, I hear a small sound. A sob, coming from the bushes. I automatically whip around, and place myself in a defensive stance. I hear a small voice. 


"P-p-please don't hurt me......." Stammers a little girls voice. I give my attention to a small bush where the voice seems to be coming from. I move a few branches, and the little girl comes into sight. She is crying. She wears what looks as if it used to be a white nightgown, except it is covered in dirt to the point where you can't see the fabric. She looks terrified, and the saddest thing is the tiny, burnt teddy bear she holds in her hand. She backs further into the bushes as soon as she sees me. I try to use a soothing voice.


"Non, no. It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. Come on back. I swear you're safe." I say in a voice that's practically a whisper. She just looks at me with a look of fear in her eyes, a look that I've seen so often in animals when they know they're going to die. The little girl's voice trembles as she says, tentatively, 


"A-are you a w-witch?" I hold out my hand to her, and help her to stand up. 


"No, I'm not a witch. What were you doing in that bush?" I ask her, curiosity burning inside me. The girl takes a deep breath. 


"I was hiding from, from..... them." She says, looking around nervously as if people might be listening. I don't want to upset her anymore, but I have to ask her who they are...... I start with a simpler question. 


"Okaaayyyy......... What's your name." She stands a little straighter.


"Adopta. Why are you dressed so funny?" she asks. I look down at my jeans and T-Shirt. 


"What's so weird about-" I am cut off suddenly by Adopta grabbing my hand.

"What time is it?" She asks rigidly.

I check my watch "Eleven fifty nine. Why?" She says nothing, and starts to run. I wonder why, and then turn around. I find myself face to face with a man wearing a war helmet. 


"It's been a while since we've had visitors in Oz."

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