The Red Brick Road

You've all heard of the famous yellow brick road that takes Dorothy to this wonderful place that is the Wizard's castle, but if you look over the movie again, you will see a red brick road, intertwined with the yellow brick road, just waiting to be noticed. What will happen when Anara, a fifteen year old girl who loves a good adventure, follows the red brick road? Maybe some aspects of oz aren't as good as they seem...............


1. Arriving in Oz


I woke up suddenly, curled up in my favourite chair. I quickly sat up, and looked around. "What........ happened?" I whisper to no one but myself.  In a moment it all comes flooding back. There was a big storm, my parents had gone out for the night. The T.V. Broadcast before the power had gone out. 

"......and this grave storm brings up the question, with the environment deteriorating so fast, will our planet survive this storm?" The reporter had kept a calm demeanor, but I could see the terrified  No one had seen it coming. Not even the weather people. That's why no one had been prepared for the potential apocalypse. My parents were out at the time. I was clearly still alive, but the house felt weird. It was on a tilt. I pulled away the curtains. It was so bright, my eyes needed to adjust. When they did, I actually gasped audibly. The colours were beautiful. I had never seen anything like it.   I remember seeing this place before.... but I don't know where. I finally came to the conclusion that I must have banged my head or something because this wasn't possible. This is where you're probably thinking. Oh, this is the part of the story where she goes into some wonderland, and meets all the munchkins. Wrong. As I stood in front of the window. My mind was completely blown, and I walked over to the door as if in a trance. I suddenly remembered where I was. I read this book. Oz, of course. I walked into the middle of the swirl that was the yellow brick road, and looked around at Oz. Now, if you're wondering why I didn't recognize Oz right away, I will tell you. It was destroyed. The munchkin huts were on fire, there was ash everywhere, and nothing alive to be seen. Oz had been at war, and there were no signs of a peppy Dorothy coming to save them this time.

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