Into the unknown

Five boys go on a ski holiday while on a break from recording. One of the boys decides that they should ski off piste one day. They meet a British girl on the chair lift the day before the ski who is interested to ski with them. While skiing Niall finds a cave and decides to explore it...
Join Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall on a tragi-comic adventure on snow.


6. The race

Harry's pov

"I'll give you a head start" she said

"No ladies first, I'm still going to win"

"No I insist"

"Ok if you must but you will have no chance" I warned her

"Just watch me" she replied

"Ok I'll go 10 seconds after you"

"Ready, steady , go!" I shouted as I launched onto the piste.

She'll never catch me I laughed


She went. And in seconds she sped past me and started doing fast turns, leaning right into the slope.

She was right, she won.

I came down panting behind her but I lost balance and fell tumbling into her...

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