Into the unknown

Five boys go on a ski holiday while on a break from recording. One of the boys decides that they should ski off piste one day. They meet a British girl on the chair lift the day before the ski who is interested to ski with them. While skiing Niall finds a cave and decides to explore it...
Join Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall on a tragi-comic adventure on snow.


4. The flights

Niall's pov

It is soo unfair.

I hate flying in our private jet it is too cramped and whenever Harry lets rip I nearly suffocate. I mean why can't our management let us have a plane each!

I do love the fact though that we have a chef on board who used to cook at Nandos.

Zayn's pov

I feel so privileged to fly on a private jet. I still can't believe how far we have got to afford this luxury when even going on a plane used to be rare.

"Oh my gohd Harry" Louis shouted as Harry turned back to his seat realising the it had been noticed.

"Wot it smells better than Zayn's hair spray" Harry replied

"Oy says you Harry" I muttered.

"Shut up I'm trying to sleep" Liam screamed

Lucy's pov

I hate it stuck behind that family in the security queue who claim that baby milk isn't a liquid and argue for about 1/2 an hour.

Finally I make it through and rush to Starbucks for a coffee. I suddenly hear over the speakers "last call for all travelling on Easy jet flight ez1627 to Geneva please proceed to gate 35 immediately"

35, 35? Oh great it's at the other side of the airport. I quickly run to the gate. When I get to the gate an air hostess takes one look at my bag and says. "I'm sorry Madame but your hand luggage is too big to fit in the overhead compartments so we can place it in the hold for you.

I take my seat where I'm sat between a man with the extension belt on and a woman with a crying baby in her arms. I decide that I would be best putting my headphones on and getting some sleep.

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