Into the unknown

Five boys go on a ski holiday while on a break from recording. One of the boys decides that they should ski off piste one day. They meet a British girl on the chair lift the day before the ski who is interested to ski with them. While skiing Niall finds a cave and decides to explore it...
Join Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall on a tragi-comic adventure on snow.


7. The Embarrassment

Lucy's pov

I stopped at the bottom of the piste waiting for him. I loved it, showing such a cocky guy up.

I saw him approaching knowing that he would request a rematch or something. He turned to stop but lost his footing and fell right onto me.

For some strange reason he just stared at me with his bright red face. He then started to kiss me just.

Thankfully one of his friends shouted him.


Harry's pov

I stared at her, I realised that she had something kind of appealing about her. I lent in to kiss her when Niall shouted me.

I got up and skied off to him.

"We all saw you get thrashed by a girl"

"Yeah, thanks for the support guys!" I said

"Who is she? What's her name?" Niall asked

"I-I-I don't know, all I know is that she is English and a good skier."

I turned round to see her but she had already skied off leaving me stood there with the guys regretting letting her go.

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