Last remaining fairytale

When you lose everything, nothing else matter


4. Second chance

                                                    The night sky seem to be lost without the moon

                                                    Will the secret be out soon?

                                                    One word escape and you are done

                                                    Shall we let this journey began?


I feel myself continuously falling but i still i could not see a single thing beside the fading picture. A picture perfect night mare, a nightmare that every single person are so afraid of but yet they could not see them. Why is it so close this time?

"I'm alive!" it scream with such a high pitch voice. You know like the one you heard when girls scream when they met their idol. Any how...


A ray of the sun gently hit my eyes waking me up from the darkness. I was lying on a wide open snowfield. The length of this land is endless. Like the field is stretch forever.

  "Is something wrong?" the voice, its back again. This time though its gone nicer. Then in front of me is a vintage design mirror. Wine of roots wrapped it loosely, some hang lifelessly. Oh but its not just any mirror, A floating one! My reflection look back at me with clam eyes. Except it was not me.Vines of roots wrap around the mirror losely.

"Really wrong" i whisper back at it.It was not me , it was a different girl.She was wearing an ebony lace gown. While i was in my boring brown school uniform.

"Are you sure this will work?" She, the girl, said and turn right. Or was it left? She look sorrow as if the replied that she recieve  is not she wanted to hear. She look down at her did i mention bare foot? My curiousity  kick in and i move to the mirror. Though part of me want to get the crap out of this place. Slowly i place my hand on th cold mirror pane, as soon as i did so the girl's eyes in the mirror  turn crimson red from her natural black. The vine's grib tighten on the mirror, holding ut so tightly that it could break it in any minute now. The girl let out a loud chuckle.

"Why are you human so predictable?"


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