Last remaining fairytale

When you lose everything, nothing else matter


2. Nice to kill i mean meet

I slip down from my door.My heart, it beating at least a million kilometer per hour, What in the world is going on? or is it the sugar i ate? My river of thoughts stop flowing when i heard finger clicking,

"Well hello there?" i stumble back.

"Mitchell ? What are you doing here?"i ask with surprise filled in my voice. She looked different than i remember. Her blonde hair is not this long. Hair extension maybe?

"I'm here to kill you"she said  rather happily. Wait what!. I reached for the door knob and try to jerk it open,only try.In the corner of my eye i saw her.. well transforming? Her sun kissed skin turn ghostly pale and to make it worst her eyes ball fells out. Great! Her nail grew longer and heck yes i ran.

Lightning occur each time my lift foot touch the carpet floor. At full speed i rush up the stair.

"But my house don't have stair" i mumble to myself. Shut up and run Alexer.When i make it to the top stair ,a frost pair of hand seized my ankle as if it was the last thing on earth and bring me to the ground. It grip was as strong as iron i whirl back to see the owner and i wish i didn't.


The monster face started to crack, where the eyes ball where was now replace with fresh pool pf bubbling ruby blood. Alexer tried her best to shake the monster's hand off her fragile leg but it was hopeless. The flock of bird that usually fly freely was now circling around Alexer's house. A scream was heard from her house. It echoed through out the whole national park but no mortal could hear.

Though above all the little chaos, the sky above was in the loveliest shade of blue.

The scream however wasn't coming from  Alexer's mouth. A sliver sword with white tattoo crystal handle was stuck in the middle of the monster’s back. Mitchell had turned to nothing but ashes.

"Well that was expected" Maddie swing her legs back and forth as she watched the scene that she watched before.With a blink of an eyes, everything outside went back to normal. Except it was dead silence.  


I heard myself panting loudly. I looked at the person who killed my friend or should i say monster. Strangely, it was the boy I met at the wood. He bent down to my level.  He was so close

“Are you going to get up or what?” he said. Ruin the moment completely. I pulled myself together and stand up. How does he know when to show up?

“Why are you following me? “ I found myself asking. As I look at him, a shiny symbol on his jacket. It was some kind of letter or picture.Instead of answering he rolled his eyes. He then grabbed my hand and pulled out a zap gun. Wait...  zap gun?  My eyes widen.

“What are you doing? Oh no! Jerk! “I shouted the last part due to the pain I receive from being zap and because he was being a jerk!


I'll publish the whole version soon

“They’ll find you don’t worry.” He whispers. The whole room was spinning. Flashes of colours were flying everywhere. I feel myself contact the floor.

“You’ll we lost but remember this….”I was gone before he finishes the sentence. It all went black. Not being racist.

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