Last remaining fairytale

When you lose everything, nothing else matter


3. Nice to kill i mean meet part 2

The boy went out of Alexer house. He turns around after he closed the door only to meet a familiar 20 year old girl. She was leaning on a tree opposite of him. Her glowing violet eyes look at him strangely. They both seem to know what is happening. However the girl knows more. She knows so much more.


“I better get back before the ‘Silence’ began to activate again” the boy said, bowing to girl slightly. Before he disappears he said to the Maddie.

“I’ll see you at dawn. For now farewell my darling” he wink and ran out. Even if he loves to stay, he has to go. No, he needs to go. Running was his only option.

“Run. Run. As far as you can. My dear falling prince you can’t destroy the Silence’s plan "she sang quietly and jump back down to the solid  ground. Her eyes then stare at one window with interest. A thunder roar and Alexer body was gone. The ashes of Mitchell however transform into herself once again. The girl with violet eyes and tall black hat playfully frown.


“Oh, Falling Prince. What have you done? Now the fearful war against your father’s wish had just begun.” She smirks. The Mad Hatter then walk through the door that no demon or angel ever in their life would wanted to see. Inside the empty house, Mitchell’s figure starts to stand up lifelessly. Her eyes snapped up open like a soda can. Her fist clench so tightly that it start turned as red as her eyes. She growl.

“When we born we never dye.  All those cruel years, we never cry. When the moon rises on Christmas day, the Goodshall fall, and our enemy shall pray! "She screams. Her monstrous scream boomed across the house and furiously rip the silence outside apart. Babies whimper at the sound that their parents cannot hear.

Mitchell creepily smiles at the sight of pain she had costed.

“We shall meet again, My Alexer. Let’s see if next time you can be this lucky. “She said.

“Don’t forget I’m still alive ” The Mad Hatter voice rang in her heads.

“Who would forget you, especially this time of the year” she response sarcastically. Somewhere in this big galaxy, the Hatter laughs.  Out of the blue, portal of silver dust open and sucked Mitchell in violently. That when she heard the scream of Falling Prince.

"Fazia.. No!"



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