Last remaining fairytale

When you lose everything, nothing else matter


1. Before and before that

                                              On the first page of every story

                                               A moment of glory is hidden inside 

                                               But just when it about to be open

                                                A day turn into night


The clock was ticking.Tick.Tick....Then Ding! Finally the last bell of this horrible term has ringed,i'm dying to get out of here. Quick as a flash the students rush to the opening door without a second glance back.I packed up my belonging and leave the class room. Only then i was greeted with..silence.No, its like everyone is on mute.You know mouth moving but no words came out?Typical drama act.

"How can you be so sure?" ask a sickly sweet voice from behind me. i turn around swiftly but the only thing i saw was the door neatly crafted in patterns.No one was there.

"So is that made me no one?" the same voice ask but now it was as close to be as it can get. Ok this is beyond freaky

"Who ever doing this, its so not funny!"

"Agree this is no joke at all" it replied within the second i finish. I looked around and as expected people were given me weird looks. I sign and walk out of the school immediately. Though something tell me its the last thing to do.


Out of the shadow a teenage boy, two or three years older than Alexer, was watching her. Alexer walk through the park feeling scared.

"She walk through this park everyday so why the sudden nerve?" The boy ask a snow owl that was resting on his shoulder. Of course the owl  could not answer and he knew that. Quietly they followed the girl, each step she took though the more insecure she became. Winds blew gently past her yet the coldness don't seem to bother her at the moment.

When suddenly her soft wine cloured eyes met his strange green one.

"Oh wrong Alexer" he chuckle and disappear. Alexer ran faster to her house, Above the two, Maddie Hatter laugh silently as they both ran the opposite direction of which they were supposed to.A;exer push the oak door of the 13 avenue open with more force than she ever realised.

"Oh no, Tick tok would you look at the clock?" Maddie  sang as she readjusting her black hat and silk glove.Her violet eyes stared blankly at Alexer window.

"Whose time is running out? Will it be her or would it be his? When am i going to find out?" She tilted her head and sign.

"Unfortunately i will"

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