not just another love story

What happens when I kidnap many harry potter characters and exploit their relationships


7. round 5

Then Hermione slowly walks towards Darco, and he sighs in defeat, knowing this would be the unspoken truth. She chose Ron before, she's choosing him now and she would always choose him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his hear.

"I'm sorry"

Hermione kissed Draco with so much passion, to show him that she did love him even if he wasn't her true love. Draco place his hands on her hips squeezes slightly then he gently pulls her off of him.

"I know, I love you"  He whispers back before she is pulled out of his grasp by Ron.

Ron wraps on arm around Hermione's waist, and with his other hand, he runs his fingers through her hair.

"Thank you" he kisses the top of her head and pulled her in close to him.

"ok this is all very touching" icy stated "but we need to move on, ok our next dare is from raven711, she wants snape to push Lucius into this tup of pink sparkle goo" a bath tup full of pink glittery goo appeared in the middle of the room, snape then pushed Lucius into it, "now you join him snape" icy added, Fred and George snuck up behind snape and pushed him in also. then Voldy ran across the room and bombed in to the tub as well.

"uh, ok" icy stuttered "well the next dare, also from raven is for you three in the tub to sing     ' I'm a little teapot' and dance to it"

the three of them sang in little kid voices the whole song while dancing the usual chorography. the end finally came and icy told McGonagal to hose them down.

"ok the next dare is from cambie everdeen, Ron you have to spend two minutes in this room" a door appeared next to icy and Ron entered, "sp sp spiders" he yelled from behind the closed door, Draco could be seen moving over to Hermione and rapped his arms around her, "hey, you two break it up, we aren't done, sally keep an eye on Ron, ok harry cambie everdeen wants you to jump up and down yelling 'I have a relationship with Draco' five times" icy announced, "come on im counting"

harry started jumping "I have a relation with Draco" and he repeated it four more times, Draco was blushing "draco, harry are you serious"  ginny whined, and stormed of, with harry running after her calling apologies, Hermione pushed Draco off of her and went to go help Ron out of the spider room, Draco looked very sad and ashamed.

"well next 11nitro11" icy started "dares Fred and George to chug a bottle of hot sauce each and then kiss the worst person in the room, im gonna change that to girl, then kick the hottest girl in the room, then and only then, can they have some water" she chucked them each a bottle of sauce,

"well then mate, bottoms up" George said

they gulped it down, both red in the face, steam coming from Fred's ears and George yelped in pain, "the faster you finish the dare the faster you get water" icy called.

Fred and George rushed in different directions to complete the dare, Fred went and kissed snape, and everyone laughed George was trying to kiss icy who yelled, "Fred get you brother away from me" Fred came and pushed George towards snape, then lightly kicked Icy's ankle, "ow" she muttered "what was that..." she started the went rather pink "oh, right" she finished. Meanwhile George was trying to kick sally, who was in return, kicking him in the most sensitive place for a guy, in self defence, of course. 

"ok boys, have some water" Icy chucked them each some water, the boys gratefully drank the bottles of water,

"why do you keep us here?" harry asked annoyed from the corner of the room, "its fun and all but really some of the stuff we do is just humiliating"

"well I guess its because..."

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