not just another love story

What happens when I kidnap many harry potter characters and exploit their relationships


5. round 3

Sally dragged a grumbling moody Icy into the room,

"apologies people, but Icy here is PMSing at the moment" Sally stated as she made her way to the centre of the room,

"I am not," Icy yelled "I just have some social issues at the moment" she muttered, "anyway I have some fun activities for you all"

"fun?" Harry questioned, "or funny for your readers?"

"how do you know about that?" Icy asked "Saaaally?" she turned furiously on poor Sally,

"sorry" she squeaked

"anyway back to the fun stuff, hmmmmmmm, uh here we go, seekersnitch dares harry to kiss Luna" icy announced "and thanhEA dares ginny to kiss Draco while harry watches, so Ginny, Draco your up"

"Noooooooo," ron, fred, George, and harry all cried out at the same time, pulling ginny away from Draco, whilest Hermione looked annoyed that Ginny was about to kiss her new found love,

"Ginny is not kissing that fowl git" ron roared,

"my beautiful Ginny will not be spoiled by that, that, that foul beast" harry growled,

"that barstard isn't coming anywhere near her" the twins barked together.

"don't pick on poor Draco like that" Ginny and Hermione yelled in unison.

then the fighting broke out, "enough, I have had enough of your bickering, Ginny, Draco, here now" icy screamed,

"chill Icy" sally soothed, "come on you two over here before she snaps again"

Draco looked shyly at Ginny, unsure of what to do, so Ginny had to step forward and make the first move. Once started, the kiss was so passionate you would think Ginny was kissing Harry and not Draco. But Harry was to stand on the sidelines and watch his love kiss one of his least favourite person in the world. Harry couldn't take it any more when Draco raised his hand into Ginny's. hair. Harry was seething with anger and he pulled Ginny away from Draco. He held her protectively in his arms.

"Luna, Harry your turn" icy interrupted,

Harry was unrelenting in letting Ginny go after what had just happened. Luna beaconed harry over and Harry eventually complied. She gave him a quick peck on the lips before pulling away and running behind Mcgonigal. Harry stood there frozen with shock before returning to Ginny.

"ok the next dare is from, ah ha, the next dare is from raven711. Fred and George, you are to both kiss the same girl, of your choice, and then she is to pick the better kisser"

"I nominated Fred" George sniggered

"no! anyway George how would I kiss myself" Fred stated, George made some rude gestures, then said "ok then I say snape"

"Ew, no too greasy"

"fine icy"

"agreed" Fred finished

"ah, no, no, no" icy backed away,

"yes," the twins said as they stepped towards her, and Ron grabbed her arms from behind and held her still.

George went first, Icy struggled to pull away from him as he planted his lips on hers, "nuh, I didn't feel that Icy, maybe I should try Sally" George snickered.

Then it was Fred's turn but it was different from how George was kissed. When he placed his lips on hers he also  rapped his arms around her waist. When Icy flung her own arms around his neck, Ron was forced to let go of her and seeing as she wasn't trying to pull away from Fred, he did so freely. When they finally pulled away from each other, Icy was very, very pink. Fred had left his arm around her waist and when Icy realized this she pushed him away, muttering "don't you get any ideas"

"ok that's it for today im leaving" icy stated before she rushed out of the room

sally winked at Fred and said, "I'll give you her number" and then hurried after Icy, avoiding George as he tried to grab her.

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