not just another love story

What happens when I kidnap many harry potter characters and exploit their relationships


4. round 2

Icy walks down the stairs into the room with another person, "ok everyone say hi to Sally Sparrow"

Fred looked suspicious, "Fred, where is George" Sally asked looking scared,

"the next dare is from the lovely sally Jackson, she dares Hermione and Draco to kiss." Icy declares

Draco takes in a deep breath to cover up his gasp. he stares intensely at Hermione, with a deep passion in his eyes.

Hermione bites her lip, with conflicted feelings. her loyalty and love with Ron fights against these new confusing feelings she has towards Draco. She doesn't understand why she was suddenly pleased with the idea of kissing Draco.

"no!" ron roars from the other side of the room hatered in his eyes he sprints across the room to Hermione and stands between her and draco, "and you stop looking at her like that" he barked at draco.

"ron its ok, a dare is a dare" hermoine said to him, and she steped towards draco, blushing like mad draco makes to close the gap between Hermione and himself before ron can stop her.

when the met he grabbed her by the hips, pulling her in close and kissed her, Hermione started rubbing her hips on his, ron tore across the room and pulled her away from draco, "dare compleat, icy move on" he stated low and murderous.

"uh, ok" icy stuttered, "well the next dare is, oh its a truth so uh, well who in this room would you each most want to kiss?"

harry said "well ain't it obviouse, Giny"

ron glared at malfoy and said "hermione"

draco muttered, "uh hermione" then cryed out inpain and followed that with "someone get ron of me"

luna said "harry, but only cause he is the best here" that shut the squabaling boys up

Ginny said "pft harry"

fred cooed "icy, come her girl i want you," icy glared at him "ahh, love you?" he tried

george steped out from a dark corner and said "sally, she counts right, icy turn your eyes back to fred you dont want him to catch you cheeting," sally grabed the back of icy's cloths before she could do anything irrational

hermione was very red in the face and she muttered "ron, or darco"

mcgonigal said " uh well i wont kiss students, or the greasy git over there" pointing at snape she continued " so that leaves dumbledore"

snape growled "i dont kiss people"

george called" nah your too greasy, no one would want to kiss your face

dumbledore said "harry, hey no judging"

"ok interesting," icy muttered "thanks for that river_summers for that lovely truth, moving on, ok ummmmmmmmmm, uh here we go..."



ok thanks every one for reading and im sorry that I've been slow on the up date but the more dares I get the faster I update and try not to send the same dares and don't just use the same people in your dares cause some people aren't being used

thx <3 icy

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