not just another love story

What happens when I kidnap many harry potter characters and exploit their relationships


2. round 1

stalking down the stairs icy comes into the room

"ok listen up, I have some stuff for you all...not much on the list to day mainly my own stuff"

"I want to ask if we can refuse any of this?" harry asked

"yeah some of us have reputations here" Malfoy said

"Draco, you ruined you reputation when you joined voldemort, and harry no only I choose what we do and don't do" icy stated

"ok so our first item on the list is a dare from Annabeth Shadownight...wait Annabeth get down here your needed" a door opens from thin air to icy's left and Annabeth tumbles out "ok so Annabeth Shadownight dares Fred to kiss her..."

"oh really? Fred? a ladies man?" George asks in amazement

"bloody hell mate I cant see anyone liking Fred" mutters Ron to harry

"the faith you all have in me" Fred mutters

"Fred get on with it" icy commands "Annabeth...Annabeth where did you go"

icy turns around to see her in Fred's arms enjoying herself  "ah that's enough of that moving on" she pulls Annabeth Shadownight away from Fred and flings her back through the door

"ok the next one is one of mine" says icy " ok here we go I dare Draco to kiss Harry...."

the two boys wander off into a corner and then both come back ten minutes later with bursed lips "uhuh" icy said "ok today is a slow one and that is al but...uh...there is food in that cupboard" she finished pointing to the left and then promptly disapperated out of the room only to re appear with another person

"ok I found more, and this next one is from raven 311 has a dare for you, dare away raven" said icy

"ok so I dare dramione to enter this closet" raven 311 started as a small door appeared beside her "and you will kiss"

"we will know if you haven't, enter the cupboard" icy said, they did tentatively, "and now harry, ron raven and I will be watching on this screen" she finished calling them over.

not long later icy said "ok I don't want to watch this, you three keep watching ill give more dares, ok hermoine Weasly 123 dares 'Luna to yell cuss to snape' ok yell away Luna."

"oh uh...ok" Luna stuttered "hey snape, uh...cuss?"

icy facepalmed and clipped Luna over the ear "ok so our next one is from I<3harrypotter 'I dare George to slap snape and voldy while fred drops dung bombs on them' well you can do so but only to snape and voldemort isn't here, sorry snape everyone's hating you today"

so fred and George took this dare with much joy and snape was crying about it all so icy put him out of the way in the cupboard which Hermione and draco had just emerged from

"ok that's it for today come on raven lets go" icy said leaving the room closely followed by raven311

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