not just another love story

What happens when I kidnap many harry potter characters and exploit their relationships


8. punishments

"why do you keep us here?" harry asked annoyed from the corner of the room, "its fun and all but really some of the stuff we do is just humiliating"

"well I guess its because...why does it mater, you have fun laughing at each other" icy looked mad.

"icy cool it" Fred said to her putting his arm around her waist "its ok harry is just having an off day, Ginny go cheer up your boyfriend" he continued

"sally can you help me clean up the three devils over here" McGonagal asked indicating snape,Lucius and Voldemort.

"I'd rather not" she replied, but when McGonagal gave her one of her 'You better do it, or else' looks, sally sighed and walked over to help.

The group laughed at the three men running away from McGonagal and sally completely covered in pink sparkles "don't worry about it" icy called "it wont come off".

icy's phone bleeped, "oh right, we still need to punish snape and Hermione for not kissing earlier" she said, "any ideas sally?"

"wait, what" hermione and snape said in unison.

"well, because so many people have been refusing to complete the dares, we have decided that there should be a punishment from now on."



what should their punishment be???????



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